I found a famous Quote


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Posted on Friday, June 30, 2006 - 01:55 pm:
I just want to state that I apologize to whomever I physically threatened (forget who it was..FTA is back, I think)..the who doesn't matter..my words were wrong and I know I'm a better person than that..whoever it was intentionally edged me on (it was a collection of a few), knowing my Irish temper and my Irish ways would result in my disgracing myself....I got outwitted plain and simple...psych 101, light my fuse with the VA comments, then watch me explode...I know it was not right on my part to react the way I did ..I am a very physical person, very active physically,and do not look my age and play sports (basketball, softball,football) and teach karate to many younger people...I also ride and hang with a tough crowd, but thats still no excuse... I also had no sleep due to a terrible PTSD night the night before, which U can see I was posting here all night at 4:00am which somebody even commented to me about, but again thats no excuse..I have brought shame on myself for my words of physical threat..I am an adult and should not have let myself get baited like I did by those type of people...I am better than that...again I apologize..

I felt I owed this site that much, but I also feel that this is NOT the place I really want to be either.This site has run its course for me and I no longer get a good warm feeling here. I wish U all the best of luck with all your new people and with the old ones who keep changing aliases too. I need more honesty in this stage of my life..and I expect more from people than what is going on here...I will lurk about here,but not post here again....again my apologizes and best of luck to you....

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good....now....shove it.....

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So where is the famous quote! j/K

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Smell ya later.Dont let the door hit you in the azz.Cause i dont want azz prints on the door.

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Hell Kill it Already Dam it just beat the hell out of it Not many people care any more!!
Upload UploadUpload Upload

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WAY DOWN you su*ck that guy di*ck or what
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