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from totalfta. com, under general fta discussions
The reason there is no bin fix yet_ - Page 27 - Total FTA - The TOTAL Free-To-Air Community Viewsat (0.7 k)

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not sure if they mean they are decaping an actual part, if they do, running laser on top of it will not tell them much, basically it will just excite the electrons and show hot spots, I think all this is B.S.

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I dont know what to believe? I did read from DSS guy couple days ago that they would put a Korean and a Canadian in a room with a lazer scope for this very purpose.But I quickly lost faith in this when I heard that Charlie had offered to provide the interpreter(sp)

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Tayaran i.e. Flying...good point.
I have never heard of this laser scope process being used in that way.
The most that you can get from that is finding electron pathways in the chip.
It's amazing that they can use that info to deduce some of the procedures that is happen at the data level.
These FTA coders are very impressive ..damn they are good!:-)
Let's hope they can find an answer for us :-)
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