6/24/06 FTA Cmd07 PPV Fix Status:


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6/24/06--> No fix at this time. It will be at least a few days. This thread will be updated as fixes are posted.

NOTE: VOD's still working at this time for FTA [9925 - 9934]


Do NOT use Official Pansat files released by Blacklist on any Clones! They once again contain clone kill codes. Please wait for clone fixes to be released.

Status of Coders:

6/22/06 --> Coders for FTA stb's will have to make changes to their MAP code to reflect the new routines. Currently, all MAP calls are hardcoded and will have to be recoded to simulate the new MAP call functions. The coders need to be working on REAL MAPROM routines to attempt to avoid these types of hashes in the future. The algo is known, but a MAP table has to be written for the calls. Each time DN does something, they reveal more about the Eeprom. Much needs to be known before a "lasting" fix can be made. Eventually a real MAPROM table will be compiled and written for FTA.

6/21/06 --> Most coders are aware that channels are starting to drop. As of this date, it is the Internationals. Do NOT expect a fix until channels on the 110/119 sats are affected and do NOT expect a daily report as to their progress. When they are ready...they will be posted.


Working: -> Rom102 with Penga's latest 109 blocker

6/22/06 - 6/24/06 --> Most Internationals on 148/121/97.0/61.5 are now blacked out. Other missing channels on 110/119 include... 108, 151, 160, 170, 200, 209, 300, 301, 302, 304, 318, 492, 493, 494, 495, 496, 497, 498, PPV's [502 - 538], 600, and 835. More are sure to follow.

6/21/06 --> International channels have started to go blackscreen on with most testing methods. More channels will most certainly soon follow. This is the new hash that we have been expecting. Rom102 with Penga's latest 109 blocker are unaffected.

6/18/06 --> As of 2:00pm Reports currently indicate no cmd07 hash in stream and have haulted the rev109 updates. Rom 10/11/101, as well as older Atmega, Emu., and older FTA flashes have been reported working at that time. It is said that they are gearing up for another ECM. Exactly what it will be is not known as we never know until it happens.

6/15/06 --> Reports are out that rev 109 has been placed on subs.

6/04/06 - 6/12/06 --> New Cmd07 fixes have been posted for most units.

6/02/06 --> Dishnet has now followed through with the same type of Cmd07 hash that the Canadian sat provider has used. ALL PPV channels (502 - 539) have been blacked out. As well as most other channels other than maybe 30 or 40. I'm sure all will go anytime soon. This effects all cemu versions, rom10, rom101, atmega, fta and dvb users...

Last Key Update: 5/24/06
Current Keys: http://www.dssrookie.com/forums/sate...eys-64110.html

DirecTV (DTV) Status:

Current Card: P4/D1/ThinkTV

--> There is NO hack/crack or "work-around" for DTV at this time.

--> Multiroom sub packages have been made available on some sites. This is not new and has been done many times. The downfall is that you will lose the PPV's. You will get whatever the host has subscribed to for a package. Rates vary from site to site that offers this service. Some sites have closed up thus leaving the end user without service after the package runs out. Other sites have been taken down by DTV. USE AT OWN RISK!


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Johnner, Thanks for this useful information....we are waiting for the new bin to be out.
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