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the good news is that this new ECM is just a rehash of the previous one. So the fix should be simple for coders.

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how did u know that?

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C/P From beegee

Looks like Dish is getting ready to start a new round of fun and games. The new rev109 update coming down to subs is once again changing the way the Cmd07 is processed. I would expect Charlie to start playing with his new toys sometime this week. When he does, you can expect the good 'ole black screen on the channels using the new code. All devices will once again be effected. Until then, rom 10's are up but as mentioned thats short lived.

New code in rev109:

Rom102 should be an easy fix. Penga already has a new blocker that incorporates the rev109 changes.

Armulator/Romulator should just need a new bin.

Say goodbye to the short-lived Atmega fix.

FTA coders will need to make changes to their MAP code to reflect the new routines. Currently, all MAP calls are hardcoded and will have to be recoded to sim the new MAP call functions. Nagrastar will probably continure to make these types of changes to battle their FTA problem. FTA manufacturers should start their coders working on REAL MAPROM routines to attempt to avoid these types of hashes in the future. We'll see if the FTA manufacturers can step up to the plate...


The last paragraph from the c/p (directly above) explains it.

The lines of strange code (called "revision") displayed above are instructions, sent from satellite, to subscribers' receivers. This code updates their receiver so that they are not affected by ecm.

Our bins, for FTA, cannot process this code. We have to write a new bin to accomodate the changes.

Testers monitor the stream for revisions, which are a sign of a possible ecm. Also, they have to reverse-engineer the code to know exactly what it does.

The above code, we're told, alters the way CMD07 is processed. This is the same thing the providers did for their most recent ecm.

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Nice post Jason...especially the last paragraph, explaining the FTA involvement!...thanks..I have seen the original post but never that FTA simple ramification explained
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