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Hi everyone. I've been searching for almost an hour and wanted to know if someone can direct me to a thread on how to enter keys properly. For example, active, inactive keys. I'm getting lost. I have a viewsat extreme @ dish 110 and 119. I also have keymaster. My dish is currently working fine, I'd just like to know of a guide of some sort, on steps needed to change keys or even how to flash the receiver when needed. Thanks in advance.

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Go here and you will find your information.

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The instructions step by step are posted here in 100 places minimum..For EVERY receiver, not just the Viewsat either!

U know there is a SEARCH feature here that works fairly well..

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C/P from the all knowing thill1951:
Keys by Johnner (where are you by the way?)

Note to users: These are the latest keys, but as the post goes on it references old keys. Where you see them, replace with the below keys.

Dish Network: Sunday 28th, May, 2006

N 0101 00:

E8 70 B0 0A 8E 0A 3D C5 F3 59 C3 5F 1A DA 19 5C

N 0101 01: (active)

71 9C 60 71 04 C1 39 AE 88 FF F0 5E D2 4C F3 FC

Lets begin:

Viewsat lines 08 and 09 hold Idea key 1 and 88 and 89 hold Idea key 0...all 4 lines must have the correct keys to receive all the channels..

A N2 key now is 32 bytes divided into two string lines of 16 bytes each. The idea key 0 goes into lines 08 and 09 in the code option and idea key 1 goes into lines 88 and 89 in the code option. As with N1 encryption, usually one idea key is active and the other is not. If you know the active key but unsure if it is the 0 key or 1 key, you can enter the key twice, repeating the 08 and 09 entries in 88 and 89 lines. This is not recommended as we see dish will run two active keys at one time.

You can do it two ways:
1. Load the latest opkey file... see posts below for the currently active on dated Dec 3 7 pm

2. Use your REMOTE control... here's a "fictitious" example when you have the KEYs to use your REMOTE:

PRETEND Public Key Change by teach (12-04-05)

The Public Keys are reported to have changed to:

Key 00: F2 98 74 44 1C 65 77 D8

Key 01: 17 E3 E1 1D 89 4E 53 45

Here's how to change them in your ViewSat:


LEFT arrow until "Dish" displays in the top line

DOWN arrow x 2

RIGHT arrow x 1 puts you on the 2nd line of numbers with "08" in the first column;
you start punching in the below at the 2nd column ("C3" as of 11-04-05)

"Text" key + "2" = "F2", RIGHT arrow

"9" + "8" = "98", RIGHT arrow

"7" + "4" = "74", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "4" = "44", RIGHT arrow

"1" + "F3" key = "1C", RIGHT arrow

"6" + "5" = "65", RIGHT arrow

"7" + "7" = "77", RIGHT arrow

"F4" key + "8" = "D8", RIGHT arrow ...

finishing the top line
You should have the highlighted box in the first column of the 2nd row on top of "08"

DOWN arrow, RIGHT arrow to the 2nd box in the 3rd row

"1" + "7" = "17, RIGHT arrow

"LAST CHANNEL" key (below "9" key) + "3" = "E3", RIGHT arrow

"LAST CHANNEL" key (below "9" key) + "1" = "E1", RIGHT arrow

"1" + "F4" key = "1D", RIGHT arrow

"8" + "9" = "89", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "LAST CHANNEL" key = "4E", RIGHT arrow

"5" + "3" = "53", RIGHT arrow

"4" + "5" = "45", RIGHT arrow

EXIT, "YES" to save

EXIT to TV screen and watch TV

This puts the PRETEND KEYS into the 08 & 09 KEY lines.

If you need to put KEYS into the 88 & 89 KEY lines... do above and substitute 88 for the "08" line and 89 for the "09" line.

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Johnner? who was Johnner? lol
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