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Hey guy's.. i set up a dish 500 dp with a cool sat 5000 for myself about a week ago and had no problems.
over the weekend i was helping a friend setup the same dish 500 with cool sat 5000. instead of it being off a back

deck like mine, we mounted his on and exsiting pole on his roof that has a starchoice dish already there..we

installed the dish 500 dp on the pole beneath the starchoice dish, i made the mast level and had already preset the

settings to what mine are elevation 27, skew 121, azimuth 226, then went down to the tv to set up, i saw both

signals 110, 119, but there were not in the proper spot 110 was showing up on numerous sats and 119 was higher up in

the sat list. so i though a small adjustment would do the trick, i could not raise the elevation any higher because

of the exsiting i had to lower the dish 500 down the pole (look angle is still fine) but then none of my

original settings on the dish would pick up a i played with it and got 110 in the green at 94% level and

90% quality but 119 in the red at 98% level and 28% quality..the thing this that to get this the elevation is at 36

degress when it should be only 27, i covered up the 119 eye on the twin dp with my hand and lost the signal so thats

the lnb that is picking up 110, i tried moving the dish to the left tp pick up 110 with the 110 side of the twin dp

and lowered the elevation to 27 degrees where it should be but cannot find a signal at all there. i moved it back to

36 degrees and found 110 again easy,after another hour or so of trying i left him with 110 and 295 channels working

fine for now. am just a bit stumped right now, so any ideas or suggestion on how i should go about finding both his

sats for him would be welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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The obvious answer would be to put the dish on it's own post. Perhaps the dish for Starchoice is blocking the signal, not seeing your setup it is hard to know. Try to mount the dish away from the other dish to see if it solves your problems.
I assume they are mounted over/under.

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Ok problem solved..i raised the dish back to where i had it and picked up 119 on 119 in installation..110 showed up at 77w echo i just scanned it as echo 4 and all works fine.

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Hey Rob, was the echo 4 assigned a port on the diseq switch in the setup menu, which was the same port that the 110 ran into? Just wondering.
Glad you got it running for your bud.


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Hi..yes i just set it up as if it was 110 using that setting..port 2
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