No signals !!


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I have pansat 3000 i clone, and my dish network channels suddenly stopped today morning !! saying "no signals" ! what should i do in this case...??
Please help

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make a any electronic device, it may be done by unplluggin it from the sourse of power and for a few seconds and then turning it back on.. hold true with your remote too--- if for some reason a key is not punching in, take off the batteries, press down any button for a few second, place the batteries back on, and voila. try all the basic steps...

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If what dafee says doesn't fix problem, then also make sure that the bin you are using has autoroll and that it is turned on. I doubt keys have changed (i haven't been checking lately cause i have autoroll) but it's a good idea to have.

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Username: Janitej

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Thanks for help so far, with this i get channels now But still signal quality is poor so its behaving crazy and stucks some times...?? what could be reason...and Jason, how to check my Bin has autoscroll and its ON or not...?
Thanks guys are gr8!

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If your signal sucks then you may have to realign you dish. Or you should check you cables, connections, etc.
Easy way to test this would be to run a short cable directly from the lnb into your box and see what the signal is like there. Then hook it back up where you normally have your box. If there is a huge loss of signal then you have a problem between you LNB and box, so you may want to re-wire the cable.
look in you settings to find out which bin you have, then search the forum to see if it is auto roll or not.

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Dishnet keys 11 May 2230 hrs

Key 0:
AE F1 0F 87 F9 58 E1 55

Key 1:
15 FD 84 7F A4 D1 CF E9
1C E9 58 70 2D 79 42 D9....Active
AND do you can scan all again
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