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Cool*sat 5000 Platinum Auto scan issuesScorp A5
Bins for pansat 2700a cloneLester Shelton8
Pleas help finding blacklist loader and bin file for magasat yt 6688Grim2
Dish 500 pointingRob Mika6
BEV KeysZagros3
Update to 273t dafee6
Help me again adrian gros6
Remote control is messed up?dafee7
New learnerTyler Durden3
I knew... need helwp! thanks for allTyler Durden7
Somebody Help I lost Dish channels pictureJohnner3
Please Help Coolsat4000Tyler Durden20
?clone comcast digital cable box?dafee2
Hd 6000 questiondaniel reagan3
Can I replace the DTV & LMB for my cools*at &4000 & LMB...hector rivera6
Need help fastTyler Durden3
How do i load a new channel listTyler Durden14
Newbie with LOTS of questionsfanatic26
Keys and/or bins needed for GlobecastGrim10
What is the best bin file Grim4
Got 15 directtv recievers some with cards... what to do with them?bill courtois3
Dish settingsPatti Phillips3
Cool*sat 5000 jtagLK4
Getting BEV while I already have DishnetAL Klars4
New codeswakenbake51
Pansat 3500sd wont turn on... helpwakenbake4
Keys!!joe holguin187
Viacast or Vistar ReceiversJoe Willis1
Recording satellite programingJib1
Looking For New Bin file (pansat 2500)Bob Bob1
Pansat 2500ALK45
Jtag Fortec lifetime ultraLK3
True or falseGrim3
Pansat Comparison ChartEva Diaz1
I got BELL EXPRESSVU but know xxx !manuel28
Problem adding second receiverJoe Le3
Ariza receivers, 700 and extremeTyler Durden9
How to setup directv Phase 2 plus dish to receive 110 and 119Tyler Durden14
Can weRob Mika2
Jtag product recommentdationbill1
Help !!! for Cooltec 4000proeagle9934
Problem with fort*c lifetime ultracincy jughead7
StarCruiser 9000N2Outlaw12
Something is not right !TM14
How to install bell on my pansat 2500Tyler Durden2
My Pansat3500 loses DN after 30 seconds...Tyler Durden16
Please Help Fast! Echostar Packagejames millard2
Same keys for all receivers: jose7
DTV 72.5W or 101W?Tyler Durden3
Quantum 3500John Anthony10
Dish sizeEva Diaz11
How to set key Pansat Eva Diaz6
Cooltec/koolsat rechipLK2
NEW Bev keys 5-9-06 Eva Diaz1
No signals !!Eva Diaz6
Echo Star9 (121W)Tyler Durden2
I want my MTVmax eboy18
Software VersionNew -B1
Boot strap versionNew -B1
How to re enter the key Lava 3200 DVBGunaa31
How can i change my sattelite signal to anotherJason Borne2
Pansat with C-BandJohnner6
How do I rename satdave goodie5
Firmware for Multistar Maximum 2500Tyler Durden2
Read A LittleValerie Roxanne King3
Direct TV Hughes receiver probsLK2
Viewsat clones are coming....Ernesto2
How to enter keys..David15
Ariza 750x keeps uploadingLK4
New BEV KeysMoe Man11
Rules and "Netiquette"Eva Diaz1
Dish might be friedBob Singh5
Help with my Dish: QuestionsEva Diaz51
Setting up a third satellite dishTyler Durden2
Is your system fked up? Here is what to do.. for Pansat and C00lsatTyler Durden34
Pansat ClonesLK7
Bell dish bracket for Sats 110 and 119Maple Leaf9
Help with Fried Pansat 2500james millard2
Fortec starLK9
LK info on roads closedLK4
Pansat 3500 Loss of SignalTM2
SAT TV (SERBIAN)john smith3
CoolS@T ProblemLK6
How to search in this forumTyler Durden7
Null Modem Cable The Right CableEva Diaz4
Please helpTyler Durden4
Where to buy PANSAT ???LK2
BIN Files for Pansat 2700a needed!!!!!!!!!Ikaika Nakoa3
Pansat 3500 uploadHudge J1
Bin downloading cant open serial portEva Diaz14
8 hour epg problemhope45
Cools*t 4000 with a redlight on when power onLK10
Pansat2700 EPG guideLK3
Pansat 2500 update N1 to N2Tyler Durden6
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