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I don't know how to get NBA program.

I read a post from Spanky FTA about
DN is not uplinking. I think that is my situation.

My receiver is Fortec Ultra Lifetime.

Can someone explain how to add another SID to the uplink in detail, and what is SID?

Thanks in Advance!

do powerscan- CH.with number on it are the nbaCH.

CH. that say scramble are CH. that are move around to unname CH.

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The available games that make up The Sports Packages are in addition to those seen on FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, regional sports networks, and your home team's television affiliate stations .

The NBA, NHL and MLB package channels (540-552, 561-572 and 625-639) change transponder/satellite positions daily. They are all mirrors of the Regional Sport Channels found on channels 412-437 ..
The "'SKDL 1-8"" channels are all on Transponder 24 frequency 12559 h 110 W . and "SKDL" Channels found on channels 9910-9917.

These are the transponders that are needed to be scanned either 1 hour or during the game time ,, in order to receive the NBA, NHL and MLB package channels broadcast ..

These channels will always be in the following places: Transponders 10 , 12 , 17 , 18 or 21 at 119° and transponders 24 or 25 at 110°..
Frequencies will be as follows @ 119W: 12355 H , 12384 H , 12457 V , 12472 H , 12516 V .
Frequencies will be as follows @ 110W: 12559 H , 12574 V

The problem with the sport channels is that they change the Tp every day so the channels are never on the same TP or frequency from day to day

ralph hu
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There are lots of NBA, two NBATV and some SKDL and Sports Channels, in my Program List.
Some NBA Channels display " Dishnet work. Season Ticket". some scramble.

I did a Power Scan in my system. It seems the same.
I still cannot find a NBA game.

Any idea?


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I have done this scan manny times and came up with the same games that I get anyways.
I have missed all of the Red Wing games it seems that Echo 6.8 only gets all the east coast games and Canada's teams.
I have found alot but still never linked up with the RED WINGS

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Yeah. I have that problem too.. No Red Wings for me :-(
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