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well i was watchin tv and a thunder storm blow in and now i have no sat signal at all is this because of the storm or did my fortec just happen to take a craP about the same time?

no siganl
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well guess its the storm cause storms letting up and the signal is coming back

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make sure your dish is grounded or one day you'll find your IRD or at least your LNB will get fried from a near lighting strike and even those $500 surge protectors don't kick in till at least 65 Volts, funny thing it LNB's don't like any thing over 28 volts. and IRD's don't like it much over 50 volts. Kinda neat they are all built for cable TV and there signal Amps failing not sat tv LNB's.

But yes heavy cloud cover will reduce Ku band reception, and it will pick up after the cloud cover is gone.

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Obviously,weather affects satellite signal...and thunderstorms affect lightning which causes an electrical field/reaction which damages electronic equipment....even makes the dogs crazy with the barometric pressure and LOUD boomers...LOL

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Ya it's neat how a close lighting stike can and will induce currents in long wires. and $1 in wire can save the few bucks in equiptment. just like a AVR and 150 feet of CAT5e cable act like a antenna.

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I'm assuming you have 119 and 110 sat? Dish Pro equipment or legacy equipment? Make sure look at either 119 or 110 in the dish installation menu and make sure at LEAST 119 @ transponder 11 is over 95 and 110 and also look again at trasponder 11 and make sure its over 80 at least. When a storm hits, you drop several points, 119 will always be higher than 110 but make sure 110 is higher than 80 points because anything below that at say 75 when a storm hits your signal strength on 110 drops dramatically and if you have the top 120 and above you will see video problems.

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