Pansat Basic Setup Guide


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Sept 2004

This Guide will work for both Pansat 2300 (with X-7500 files) and Pansat 2500 (with X-8500 files).

This Guide is for a "Basic Setup" - 18" DAVE dish, ONE DAVE LNB, ONE Satellite.

For other dish's, Different LNB's (FTA LINEAR) (and LNB's with switches built in), switches and multiple LNB's/Satellites, there is a little more to it than this Guide.

If you have a DishPro500 setup which has a built in switch at the LNB's you will have to do more work to get it running. You will have to use special Channel bin files that include freq's to demultiplex the Stacked signal you get from this type of Dish.

Do a search for Dishpro on this Site.

Setting up this receiver for ~~~~~~~~~~~ is not hard at all! You MUST follow the instructions. They MUST be followed IN ORDER.

If you don't know what each one does and or not sure if you have done it correctly you CANNOT just go on to the next step and expect things to work out. IT WILL NOT WORK!

The loader programs and the latest X7500 / X-8500 Files are in the Downloads/Pansat section of this Site.

Make sure your Com Ports work on your computer and baud rate set to 115200, if they do not, or, if they are configured incorrectly or blocked by a firewall or Norton you cannot flash your receiver

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Flash your Pansat 2300 with latest X-7500 / Pansat 2500 with X-8500 bin file. (This MUST BE DONE to DESCRAMBLE the Dishnet Nagravision1 signal). Use a RS232 Serial Straight Through Cable and Com Port 1 on your computer. Use the flash utility uploader and X-7500 / X-5800 flash file. Download the X-7500 / X-8500.bin to the receiver from you computer as a "Flash ROM File". DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT AS A "BOOT FILE" or you will fry your receiver and you will be finished with it and these instructions!

Make sure your Computer says "Download Complete", not just 100%. If you don't get "Download Complete" you have NOT completed the Flash! WAIT WAIT WAIT....for your Computer to say "Download Complete" and the receiver should re-boot itself. If this has not happened, you have not flashed successfully. Do NOT go further!

2. In antenna setup, select satellite you want (birds E8.6 at 110W and E7 at 119W are the Dishnet birds), select transponder #11 for bird 110 (Echo 8.6) or #17 for bird 119 (Echo 7) (whichever you are looking for). (This MUST be done because we know that these transponders actually are transmitting now). If you get no quality level on these transponders, try others before giving up. Not all transponders are transmitting all the time. MAKE SURE THE CABLE IS PLUGGED INTO THE "IF INPUT" PORT ON THE BACK OF THE RECEIVER! Plug the other end directly into the LNB on your Dish.

3. Still in antenna setup set LNB to "Standard" and freq to 11250. (This MUST be done to receive a QUALITY signal from the Satellite).

4. Still in antenna setup, rotate your dish to find the satellite you have selected, watching the QUALITY meter at the bottom of the screen. Get this as HIGH as possible. (This MUST be done before trying to do #5). Keep in mind that just because you told the receiver you are looking for sat 110, it does not know the difference in the signal it receives! Therefore, you MUST have some idea where 110 actually is from your location. Your receiver will show a quality level from ANY satellite that you actually have your dish pointed at.

5. Scan (ALL) for channels. (This will load the channel list from ALL transponders transmitting on the satellite to your receiver). I DO NOT ADVISE loading/using someone else's channel list, if you do, you are asking for trouble! Unless you are using a DISHPRO 500 antenna,...if you are, search this site for info on this DISH and the requirements for a channel list to demux the stacked transponders. At the completion of this scan you will have channels showing in your channel list. The ones with "$" are the ones that are scrambled channels. All the others with just names are "Ghost Channels" and can be deleted later on.

6. Go to parental control and at the bottom of the screen you should see "Second PIN" available. Enter "0000" and it will take you to a screen where you can turn the EMU ON and SET DEFAULT KEYS ON. (This activates the keys in the x-8500 flash, in item #1 above, to decode the signals). This cannot be done until you have channels in your receiver. Just turn EMUON and Set Default Keys and hit OK. Exit out of the menu and...........


You can now go back to your channel list and delete all of the channels that do not have a "$" in front of them, they are "Ghost Channels". Rename all the "$" channels to whatever what they are.

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I got a problem with my pansat 3500s. I cannot boot anymore after download the channel file. It shows b-70. Could anyone help me how to boot or where to find boot file if repair kit for 3500s is availale? Thanks you so much..I am in trouble.


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Have you tried reloading the original bin file and then loading the new one from Blacklist?

[link removed]


The P2b

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Or this?
[link removed]

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Thanks, phade2black. I tried all means with 050620 file (fatory file may have a few days earlier, but that all I can have) and even show % for progress. But after 100% downloaded, it still cannot reboot and going back to show that b-70 light in front panel. I just wondering I might need boot file for 3500s similar to boot60.bin. Please suggest and I am really appreciated. Now I am helpless.
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