Can someone help out....i have problems...


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i just bought 150 feet cable RG6-QS quad shield
it goes from the dish to the receiver....when iam at the roof top i get about 95 percet when i hook the cable up it gives me a 75 percent...

how do i know if i have coax connectors iam supposed to cut the braid or leave it in the coax connectors for more signal or what...

and another thing what is the diffrence between dishnetwork keys and bev keys....

can i enter the bev keys and the dishnetwork keys
all together or iam supposed to just enter one... the dish or bev keys...

anoher thing i have 2 for 110 and another for 119...

can someone also tell me it there is a better switch i got the coolsatpro 4x1 diseqc switch diseqc 1.2 and here are the specs

freq range 950-2400 MHZ
insertion loss 3 db
power pasing 500mA MAX

i need help with this because i think everything is fine but when i connect it to the switch the signal goes from 95 to 75 80

is this a normal thing or are there better switch that i can buy....if there is can someone give me some models ect

ill be really thankfull....because everytime my kid tries to see that freezes as soon as it rains....and without rains sometimes it also freezes...

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I need help with the MEGASAT YT6688 The download goes up to 400% and it stays there. What can I do to solve this problem?

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just install the factory flash ...and reflash with the new one........that should solve your problem.....

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Not true...manually enter the keys...if yours is froze,then power off,wait 1 min,power on,then hit menu immediately ,then manually change the keys..all autoroll bins/flashs for all FTA receivers,and Dish cards were ECM'd via the checksums by Charlie last night..
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