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I'm having some problems - no doubt very basic - with setting up a "new" (from auction) video to work with my tv.

I have a Mitsubishi CT-2900AM tv - an oldie now, but still good. I am trying to set up this new video, a Sony SLV-EZY35AZ (6-head hi-fi).

I have been through the Sony manual, and all I have managed to do is connect up the video to the tv. I can't even work out from the manual how to set the time and date on the video. I can't get the month to show on display, and the day - 23 - keeps coming up in combination with Sunday, rather than Saturday. The year and month I can't even any longer get on to the display - it now keeps showing as "full".

Second big problem. I can't understand the Sony manual re setting up the VCR with the Auto Set function. The first step has me buggered. It says: "Turn on your tv and set it to the video channel." What the hell is the video channel? Does that mean set the tv to the video monitoring setting rather than "tv"? Or are they referring to something else?

Prob 3. The Sony manual goes on: "Tune the tv to channel 68 in Australia - the initial RF channel for this VCR. Refer to your tv manual for tv tuning instructions. If the picture does not appear clearly, see 'To change the RF channel' on page 17".

Now, without getting even more confused about whatever is on page 17, can someone please explain the above directions to me in the first instance? Specifically:

1. What does "RF channel" mean?
2. If I tune to channel 68, what picture is supposed to appear clearly? There IS NO picture on channel 68!

I HATE THESE @$#%^#& VCR AND TV MANUALS. The technical writers should be impaled on their goddamned pens! I guess they don't have pens these days - ok, then they should have their heads shoved through their f$^%#&*%#&^ing monitors and their keyboards inserted sideways into the nearest small orifice! This crap is unintelligible for people without a technical background. Or maybe I'm just thick.

Whatever, if some kind soul can explain things to me thus far, I might be able to nut out the rest of the steps.


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Hi Rose, I was glad to see your message, as when I was trying to set up my new vcr, I had the same questions as you. I thought that I was the only one who didn't know what RF was. Why can't they spell it out? I think that it's laziness. Anyway, I can't help you but wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I ended up going back to my old vcr ( the tape had stuck and I managed to get it out) The new one I am packing up and taking it back....before I buy another one I am asking to look at the manual first as this is the most important part of the whole set-up.

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Hi Lori

I worked my new VCR out with the help of a simple hint or two from a technically minded person. It was not at all difficult, which is an indictment on the writers of these manuals - truly appalling. Why can't they just use straightforward, non-technical language to explain step by step what to do? Isn't this the job of the technical writer?

Can well understand your decision to take the new VCR back. Good luck with your future choice!
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