What mp3 player should I buy?


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I am looking for a new MP3 player to replace my iPod. I had a 20Gb iPod for about 13 months until the clickwheel stopped working. As many of us iPod users have found out, once the clickwheel stops working all you have is a paperweight.

Here is what I am looking for:

No less than 20 Gb. I would prefer something 30 to 60 Gb.

Easy interface. I don't need a lot of bells & whistles. I don't really care about video.

Good quality of music playback.

Hopefully something that doesn't require special software on the computer. It would be nice to just drag & drop mp3 files to the player.

Something that will last more than 13 months. I will be using it often (work, home, car).

I DO NOT want another iPod. Please do not try to convince me that the 5th generation is any better than the piece of crap 4th generation I have now. If I need another paperweight, I'll go outside and find a rock or something.

I have been taking a serious look at the Creative Zen Vision:M. I read in a CNet review that the touch-pad controller can be "fustrating". I'm not sure what this means but I might make a trip out to Best Buy or Circut City to have a "hands-on" look at one. Does anybody have one of these? Can you give me an opinion?

My thoughts are not limited to the Zen line of products. I am willing to look into any make or model of portable MP3 players.



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You are right to be looking at the Creative Zen players. Ipods are way overpriced just like everything else made by Apple. When it comes to MP3 players, Creative is the ultimate; you will not find an mp3 player with better sound quailty anywhere. So, if SQ matters to you, Creative is the only way to go. I own one of these:
It's an older model and sounds better than many new mp3 players. As for durability, I strap it to my belt and listen to it while riding my lawn tractor, and it has never had a problem. But, as with any HD based player, you don't want to slam it very hard into something or you could damage the hard disk.
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