External battery pack for Lyra, iRiver, Sony, Archos


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Hi Guys,

I'm just writing to let you know about our new shop, which sells battery packs for a wide range of mp3 players. They use 4xAA batteries and add 20-40 hours of extra playtime, depending on which player you have. Take a look!

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WARNING: One of these battery packs ruined my brand-new 2840. My player worked fine before trying the battery pack. I drained the internal battery, then plugged in the battery pack. The display read "charging ...". About a half-hour later I looked at the display again and saw it was blank. I unplugged the battery pack and pressed the power button; no response. I plugged the battery pack back in and pressed the power button; no response. I disconnected the battery pack, connected the regular power cord, and pressed the power button; no response. I got out a paper clip and attempted to re-set the unit; no response. My 2840 will no longer power up.
I contacted the seller, asking that he pay return shipping and refund my purchase + shipping price in full, as this would help offset my costs of getting my unit repaired. I received a reply stating that it couldn't possibly be the fault of the battery pack, that I had to pay return shipping, and he would refund the initital shipping "even though we're not obliged to". I got the impression he was doing me a BIG favor by refunding anything at all. Obviously, this seller doesn't stand behind his products nor care about customer service.
Stay away from this garbage product.

This buyer's reconditioned player stopped working a week after they bought it, The battery pack did not cause this.

We've had 400+ positive comments in the last 6 months about the battery pack which you can read through our website, and this buyer is the only negative!

I have a working player, plug in the battery pack, and 30 minutes later have a dead player. What's the most likely cause? How does the seller respond? "The battery pack did not cause this". He's got my money; it's not his player that's dead. He doesn't care.

I've since gotten my player repaired. I'd purchased the battery pack for travel convenience, but find it was not necessary. You can find a power outlet in almost any airport in the USA; all you have to do is look or ask. I also have the car power adapter, and charged in my rental car during a recent vacation.

So the battery pack was a waste of money in not one, but two ways:
1) it's a piece of junk, and
2) it's nowhere near as useful as I thought it would be
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