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ok this si the story i was foramting my windows comp and by accident when it showed me the ipod drive asking which hard to format i deleted the ipod drive soo now when i try to turn it on all i get is that dam folder with tha exclmation mark..... i try to use ipod update and it dont pick up the ipod or nothing even tunes dont pick it up..and i would call apple to fix but..lets say i didint get this ipod though the normals methods..soo i cant call them.. if anyone has any ideas...drop a mesage here or at the o is a zero

How do I move my songs from one computer to another from itunes to itunes without burning them all on discs?

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Ipod is now accidentally restored. Itunes remains intact.Updated ipod software, reinstalled ipod and itunes, reset ipod and restarted computer per user's guide instruction settings are in default mode,computer/itunes does not reconize ipod (Microst Windows xp).

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We have one computer with two ipod user who don't want to share the same music. How can I download my own tunes without getting unwanted songs?

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I'm sorry, but that is common sense. You can make two different playlists and simply switch which one you want to download to the iPod automatically before you dock it.

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i have a 60 GB ipod and have around 9870 songs on it at the moment. It has been working great untill recently. When I try to play a song it justs opens up that song file and then goes to the next song file and then it goes to the next song file and this happens untill it gets to the end of my 9870 songs without playing a single one. I just open up the song and instead of playing the song it skips to the next one quickly and continues on doing that. I dont know what has caused this(obviously since i an requesting help) but i do know that this crap didn't start up untill I copied all of my music from my ipod onto my computers hard drive. Maybe you can help. Thank you
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