Need help picking A/V reciever that would best match my jbl studio speakers?


I currently have the Onkyo TX-SR500 and I am looking to upgrade to a better receiver. My max budget is $700. Two receivers that have caught my eye are the YAMAHA RX-V1400 & Onkyo TX-SR701. The speakers that I will be using are JBL S38II, SCENTERII, and S36II. I really like the sound quaulity of Onkyo but the concern I have with onkyo is the heat. The one I have now gets really hot when playing music at somewhat loud levels. I'm wondering if the Yamaha would match my speakers/sound as good or better than onkyo. The RX-V1400 looks like a really good value. Does anyone have any opinions on what to get?

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well i am personally running an hk reciever with
the complete set of first gen jbl studio series
and externally amping a klipsch set and both sets
are very bright speakers which work very well with
the sound the hk recievers produce.

conversely the yamaha recievers tend to be bright
also so no i do not think the yamaha would be a
good choice.i'm not sure on the onkyo's.

the pioneer elites or h/k's or marantz are what i
was looking at when trying to match my speakers.

all of these amps are warmer than the yamaha's so
they match better with brighter speakers.

i went with the hk525 for $500 and have been very
pleased. it does seem to run quite warm but have
not had any issues.

i've seen recently the hk avr7200 has come down in
price you might be able to get that for $1000 off
a website.

or i really liked the marantz 7400 also which you
can get for less than $800.

i wanted a 7.1 reciever when i got mine and NAD
didn't have anything for me at the time or they
would have gotten a strong consideration.

i really liked the NAD T773 but it's a little bit
more at $1500


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The above poster has it pretty much correct. With your JBL's the Onkyo would be a better match than Yamaha as like was said the Yamaha tends to be a bit bright. Onkyo has a much darker sound which is a better match. H/K, Elite and Marantz would also be ok with JBL.
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