Don't know a thing need pro help PLEASE


my left channel on my stereo system went out the other day and now i cant fix it i think i connected the positive to the negative on the amp and negative to the positive on the amp. could this be the problem? any way to fix it?

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did you check the balance knob???

yeah i checked for one but there isn't one.

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Swap your speakers around, swap the pos and neg on your cables around and if you still have the problem on the one channel then your amp needs repairing. Could be a simple fix.

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Also, make sure the bare part of your speaker wires are not touching each other at the speaker wire terminals at both the speaker and amp. Also check that any bare speaker wires are not touching the amp chasis

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Hello there all. I just bought a sick as* 12" Kicker solo baric L7 sub and i have no idea how to choose an amp for it. Im afraid of getting ripped off if i just cruise into the nearest car audio store. This is my first sub ever so if anyone could give me advice or direct me to a good website that would be cool. thx

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Hi guys,
I have a 97' Altima with a 2 yr old Pioneer deck that still works fine and your basic Infinity speakers w/ 800max pwr watts. I thought that would be all I would spend, but I dont get any base and recently saw a sale in the paper selling SONY XPlode w/ 1100 Watt Mono Amp & two 10" subs plus box for $199.99. I thoought that was a good deal, but I've read a lot of negative reviews about Sony audio systems. Any suggestions on whether its worth getting?
by the way: I dont know anything about the ohms or the correct set up ways

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Why can't you people start your own thread? It's not difficult and since you are posting on here with a completely unrelated topic you are much more likely to get no answer at all.

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also you need to post auto questions in the auto section not home audio!

Anonymous mixing the positive and negative makes
no difference for
what you are describing.

have tried the wires and speakers on the other channel and what
were the results?

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