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I was just given a Denon 3300 and would like to know about it. Is this any good? I also recieved an Onkyo Reciever, Onkyo 6 disk changer and Onkyo tape player and a Sony DVD player

I need speakers and would like to spend 1000 orless. Please help.

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Which Onkyo receiver? As to the Denon it is an ok unit if paired with a warm speaker. Denon has a detailed thin sound so check out Paradigm and PSB and you'll be ok.

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Thanks for responding. As a newbie, there are many words that I do not understand in this field.

What does "warm" mean. I keep reading that and "Bright". I do not know how that would apply to speakers and systems.

I really do appreciate your response though.

Jack Taufer

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To me, "warm" means that there is an over emphasis on the lower sounds, while "bright" means that there is an over emphasis on the higher sounds. For example, listen to a car chase scene in a movie through a bright receiver, and you will likely hear almost nothing but shattering glass. That is brightness. To see what I am talking about, play with the bass and treble controls on your receiver. Turn the treble all the way up, and the bass all the way down. While the results may be a bit overstated, it is a good example of what brightness sounds like. Do the opposite to see what warmness sound like. Maybe others have a better way of explaining it, but that is the best way I can describe it.
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