Authorized dealer vs great deal and extended warranty?????


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hear is where i can really use some wide ranging expertise. i'm looking at a denon 1804 and a yamaha 5660 by reccomendation from this and other forums. both are $499 from authorized dealer with no mention of warranty length etc. i can get both from other online home theater shops for $425 with a 5 year warranty included and shipping included. where do you all stand on buying from authorized dealers accoring to yamaha and denon websites? thanks in advance.

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I auditioned the Yamaha 5640 and was not impressed by the sound it produced in stereo. I am sure it is highly dependant on which speakers you choose, but most people here and in reviews characterize the Yamahas as bright sounding. I think they sound shrill at times and hollow at others. They do a decent job in surround sound, though, but almost any receiver can do HT decently.

I am auditioning a Marantz SR-6200 which is going for great prices right now because of the new models, and it sounds sweet. I am sure the SR5400 rocks as well. See my post below asking about the 6200 vs the 5400 for more info. I had the Onkyo TXSR-600 and was very happy with the sound as well.

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Matthew Peulen,

My understanding is that the manufacturers may not honor the waranty if the unit is sold from an unauthorized dealer. That means that it would up to the seller to honor the waranty that you purchase. It also might mean that you buy a unit which has been previously returned and that the serial number is removed or altered. That is not to say that all unauthorized sites do this. Each site is different. You should look at several factors: (1) consumer reviews of the sites; (2) your own contact with the sites (is it with a knowledgeable person or just a phone jockey, etc.); (3) any hidden charges or agendas (such as what is the policy if the unit is DOA? who pays the return shipping? Is there a non-refundable stocking fee? etc.); and (4) history of this business? (If you buy a 5 year extended waranty, is this seller still going to be in business after 5 years? What do you have to do to get your unit repaired? Mail it off to Timbuktu?)

There are several sites that rate the internet sellers. Basically, if you are going to be dealing with the sellers rather than the manufacturer, are you going to get service and not be ripped off? Good luck and certainly it would be of benefit to all if folks who bought on line through authorized and nonauthorized sellers give anecdotal information as to how such sales have turned out.
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