Advice on Conrad Johnson sonographe sa250


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I am being offered U$500 for this lightly used amp. I am just wondering if this amp will sound good with my 602 s3s with Yamaha DSP a1 as the preamplifier.

I never heard Conrad Johnson before and I am not an audiophile either. With very limited resources I found on the net about this amp, it seems that it is a good value for money even at U$1200 brand new street price.

What do the experts here think. I usually listen to stereo for music so I wanted to get a decent 2 channel amplifier that will serve me well.

What is the concensus on Conrad Johnson amplifiers. Are they high end or comparable to Rotels, Nads etc?

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Conrad-Johndon is considered a high-end company. They are best known for their tube equipment, but also make solid state gear.

The Sonographe line was their "budget" solid state line introduced in the
mid to late 90's. The amp should be very musical and tube-like in sound.
I'm not sure about how much power.

The amp should be comparable to Rotel or NAD, maybe a little nicer.

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thanks for the input, Ben. Very much appreciated.
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