Marantz receiver with Paradigm speakers


Jim Lanuti
Anyone using a Marantz sr8200 with Paradigm studio 100's speakers. I'm already over my budget and don't want to pay for a pre amp and amp but rep says that I'm wasting my money on the Paradigms if I don't have more power to drive them. Unfortunately he doesn't sell Marantz so I can't hear them.. Anyone using this combination?

I'm in a similar quandary. I got hooked on the 100's until the dealer informed me that I wouldn't be happy using a receiver. Go to Paradigm's web site and check out the impedence curve; it convinced me and now I'm looking at the 80's. Onix rocket 750's are similar and much more receiver compatible than the 100's. Unfortunately, these are dealt mfgr direct from AVS123 and are back ordered a month. Bottom line is the 100's need deep down grunt that receivers can't deliver. Good luck.

Jim Lanuti
What receiver were you thinking about using with the 100's? Did the paradigm rep point you to any specific amp/ preamp

I've the studio 100 as well, but I'm still looking for the right receiver. Right now I'm just running it with a old Onkyo. I've tried out my friend's HK AVR 520, it sounded ok not very impressed. I'm looking at the Denon 4802, Marantz SR14, Onkyo 9878. Let me know which one you decide to go with.
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