Marantz SR-6200 VS. Marantz SR-5400


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Which one is a better buy? I just bought the SR-6200 as a replacement for my Onkyo TX-SR600, which sounded great but crapped out on me when I pushed it too hard on an Alpine test CD (it is in the shop now and I will sell it when it gets out, if it had preouts I would keep it). I am demoing the SR-6200 right now, but I can exchange it for the 5400 if I want (I think), as it should be about the same price.

The SR-6200 sounds good and seems to have enough power for now, until I can get an amp or preamp to drive my PSB Stratus Golds 4 Ohms, rest are 8 Ohms), which will free up the receiver to drive the rest of the speakers.

So, what I really want to know is: which one is better in my circumstances? The 5400 is supposed to be underrated, and puts out pretty impressive watts per channel in stereo and surround modes.

Here is the Lab Test results from Sound and Vision Magazine. They were impressed.

The 6200 weighs more (32.6 vs 26.5 pounds), is this a result of a heavier transformer that I might need to drive lower impedance speakers? I watched The Two Towers at pretty high volume levels (-5 usually is what I had on the volume dial, highest it will go is +15)and it showed no signs of strain.

This is the link to the specs on Marantz's site for the 5400:

and the 6200:

Please let me know, I am keen to end the receiver selection process! I have been told that I am going to need an amp or a preamp no matter which receiver I go with, as the Golds need a lot of juice. I am interested in which will be the best overall solution for me.


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I just got the 5400 a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely impressed with the sound quality. I am using an energy encore system in a 15 x 20 room mainly for ht use. My only complaint with the system is the power output. It peaks at very low volume levels and will cut out if pushed too hard. Due to this, I gifted it to my dad and will replace it with the onkyo 701. I'd go with the 6200, if you like movies/music at high volumes.
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