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I just found a great sounding 1993 Denon D60 mini system at a thrift storw for 65.00. It didn't come with a manual my question is, does anyone know how to set the clock on this system? Thanks!!!!!

--Matt Rogers

thomson malasha
I have a denon D60 system whose cd player simply spins once system is on but does not play. I have cleaned lens repeatedly but this does not help.Also cd does not open.What could be the solution?

1. Press the POWER 0N/STANDBY to turn on the power
2. Press the CLOCK/DISPLAY button, and hold for at least 3 seconds.
3. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the hours
4. Press the ENTER/NEXT button
5. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the minutes.
6. Press the ENTER/NEXT button at the sound of a time service's chime.
The time display stops flashing, and the clock starts counting the time.

john doeee
Unregistered guest
Look at the rubber ring
Link the motor and the eject wheel
This ring is out and the spin motor slide on it
Change it ...
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