Denon or Yamaha or Onkyo???


I have narrowed down my receiver selection to few models - Yamaha RXV1400/2400 or Denon AVR2803/3803 or Onkyo TX-SR701/501.
Home Theater+Games-60% and Music-40%. Which small-mid size speaker set to go with these receiver? Thanks in advance for any help.

You havent really set a price range, and are missing some info, but from that list I would go with the Yamaha RXV-2400. I personally dont like Onkyo's and Denon's dont have the sound I like. I prefer a "warm and fuzzy" sound(Pioneer Elite) You cannot really choose a speaker set until you have made your decesion on the receiver, and there are many good choices out there so go for the one that sounds the best, and has the featurs you need.

I personally would recomend the 53TX, but it may be out of your price range. What makes you look at only these receivers? Is there any reson that Marantz and Pioneer Elite are not on your list? They are great receivers IMO, and should be on the list.

What midsized speakers do you want? The mains only or the whole package? As I said before, you cant really choose your speakers until you have chosen the receiver.

I'm going to get the RXV-2400, what kind of speaker should I look at? Where is the best please to buy online? Thanks for your advise and time.


For that receiver, I think Paradigms are the best fit, but you won't find them available online. I would suggest something like the PSB Image 2Bs or PSB Stratus Minis, which can be found online. Huge difference in price between those two. What is your budget?

Hawk thanks for your suggestion, you saving me alots of time looking around. My budget for speaker is around $500-$900 US. I've order the Yamaha 2400 for $775 US today, later my friend told me that the power use in US is 110w and in Australia is using 220-240w!!! Is the Yamaha 2400 have 'voltage switch'? How about the Denon 2803 / 3803?


The Yamaha won't have a power switch because every manufacturer knows the power requirements of each contry the sell into. So, a receiver made for the USA cannot work out of the box in either Australia or the UK, which also uses the 220-240v system. It really isn't a problem.

I am not a good person to ask about a Denon. I have a 3803 and don't like it. I am switching to an NAD.


Check out the Paradigm Monitor 3s or Monitor 5s. Also check out the new Infinity Alpha 10s, which should pair well with the Yamaha receiver.

Finally, I have not heard this combo, but I really like the NHT SB-3 speaker and it should work well with the Yamaha. Check it out to see what you think and let me know, if you can.


audiophile from CA

Good choice on the Yamaha 2400! As for speakers, I am not quite sure your budget is for 2 front speakers or for all HT set-ups.

For the front I'd highly recommend you try Dynaudio BM6 ($800 online) which is Dyn's pro version of their legendary Contour 1.3S ($3500 list). I know personally Dyn's are perfect match to Yamaha. You will amazed how good Dyn's are and why so many hi end speaker makers choose their drivers.


I have been obsessing over my choices for my new home theater system. I too have been agonizing between the Yamaha RXV 2400,the Onkyo TXSR800 or maybe even a Sony ES model. I'm wired for 7.1 and have been stressing about speakers and a big screen TV to boot. What do think of the Mirage Omni micros (I'm completely wired in wall and must avoid any towers). I am a complete noivce in all this and would certainly appreciate any audiophile's expertise. Cash related I'm looking at around: Receiver-$1000 Speakers(7.1)-$2000 TV-$1500. Thanks for any thoughts.
Champage tastes on beer budget.

Scotty D:

Yamaha and Mirage OmniSats are a horrible combination, but each are rather good individually. Both the Yamaha and the Mirage are rather bright sounding, with an emphasis in the upper midrange (2-4Khz). Combining them would probably drive you insane. If you want the Yamaha receiver, I would suggest the KEF 2005.2 system, which is more relaxed and focused, and are about the same size as the OmniSats. If, on the other hand you really want the OmniSats, I would suggest the Onkyo as the better matching receiver.

Good luck!

Hi Louis

I am also thinking of getting the 2400 and bringing it into NZ.

Have you received yours yet - where did u by it online?

Please let me know what kind/model step down transformer you will be using to overcome the 240/110v issue.

Did u consider the rvx-3300 as opposed to the rvx2400 - its 6x130 + 2x45 and about the same price.

In fact has anyone out there come across the rvx3300 - what do u think?

People move from country to country all the time taking their electronics with them. You can e-mail or call Yamaha tech dept and ask them what they recommend for making the receiver compatible with the different voltage. There are cheap and expensive devices.

I presume you want to buy speakers for a surround system. Did you mean that your budget for a 5.1 speaker set-up was $800? Given a budget constraint, I would always spend considerably less on the receiver than the speakers.

Given a $1600 budget, one will always get better sound performance in a small to medium sized room with a receiver between $400-$600 and the rest on quality speakers, than spending $800 on a receiver and $800 on 5.1 speaker set-up.

Thanks G-Man I did speak to Yamaha here in NZ today. They made the comment that since we run at a higher voltage here (240) the componentry is a bit more heavy duty than that requird for the US domestic market. Does that sound right? This is a contributing factor to the difference in the cost between a RVX2400 from the US at around US800 as opposed to one bought retail here at around US1830.

They also mentioned another difficulty: The US uses a diffent system for TV than here - you can tell I'm not an expert on this - a PAL/NTSC conflict becuase US models wont be geared up for receiving video signals from TV/DVD etc - is this really true?

They also mentioned that as a result of having to use a transformer to convert the 240v into 110v would result in reduced power - is this true.

You can see my dilema - I wont to save money/not spend money I dont have to - but the above has been raised as serious issues - can anyone shed some light on this.


Thanks G-Man I did speak to Yamaha here in NZ today. They made the comment that since we run at a higher voltage here (240) the componentry is a bit more heavy duty than that requird for the US domestic market. Does that sound right? This is a contributing factor to the difference in the cost between a RVX2400 from the US at around US800 as opposed to one bought retail here at around US1830.

They also mentioned another difficulty: The US uses a diffent system for TV than here - you can tell I'm not an expert on this - a PAL/NTSC conflict becuase US models wont be geared up for receiving video signals from TV/DVD etc - is this really true?

They also mentioned that as a result of having to use a transformer to convert the 240v into 110v would result in reduced power - is this true.

You can see my dilema - I wont to save money/not spend money I dont have to - but the above has been raised as serious issues - can anyone shed some light on this.


Scotty D
Thanks for the insights Hawk. I appreciate it. I still can't seem to decide on the best combo. Finding the speakers and sub for 7.1 that are on the small sat type side but still produce great sound for under $1500 or so is my problem. What do think of the Velodyne Decos? Would you have any suggestions? It sounds like I should decide on the speakers first and then match the receiver to them. Right? Would it be a mistake to buy a Sony STRDE 995, 7.1 receiver to save some cash to invest in the speakers? Is THX all that important? Have I asked too many questions? Great advise here! Thanks!!

I guess I did it backward I bougth the speakers first,which are acoustic research HC6 system.what receiver would bring out the best on these speakers.

Hello! I'm also a new guy to the home theater scene, and was looking to put together a system. I went to my local Abt, and the guy there recommended the Yamaha RXV2400 (which is apparently pretty popular with the group on this Posting Area), Definitive Technologies BP series for Floor and Surrounds, Definitive Technologies CLR 2300BK for center, and PS100BK for a subwoofer. He also suggested a Denon DVD1200 DVD player. I am pretty sure I'm going to get the Sony KV40XBR for the TV part of the deal. Any comments? I'd really appreciate any input from you all, as you seem to be quite well informed.


I do not care for Sony receivers and I would discourage you from getting them. Poor pre/pro section and the amps are worse.

THX is not important and I believe that any THX certified product is probably suspect. I base this opinion upon seeing a number of "THX certified" receivers that cannot come close to their manufacturer's power rating.

Small sub/sat system for under $1500 (I assume you do not include the receiver in this figure) I would suggest the following speaker systems (in no particular order):

1. KEF 2005.2--5.1 system with a new 10" sub, this one is the best, IMO. Smooth, clean and well focused, it does require some serious power to be truly effective (like an NAD receiver). The satellites are easily the most beautiful speaker you have ever seen (extruded aluminum--the Velodynes are an attempt to imitate this system). Can be had for about $1100 at Kief's.

2. JMlabs Sib/Cub--another 5.1 system which comes with fully articulating wall brackets, it is surprisingly good. I don't know how they do it in that small cabinet, but each Sib (satellite) has a 5" mid/woofer and a 3/4" dome tweeter. Also rather smooth, but a bit on the bright side. Must be careful matching it to a receiver (no Yamaha!). Cost is about $1195.

3. One Call Home Theater Package--this is a 5.1 system that comes with 5 NHT SuperZero speakers matched with a Phase Tech Power 8 subwoofer. Very smooth sound with a marvelous soudstage. The NHTs are on closeout, so the system costs $590 with subwoofer and is worth twice its cost.

4. NHT SB1s with SC-1 center and NHT SW10II subwoofer. I priced this at $1100, also from Kiefs and it is a bit larger than the other systems, but a step up in sonic abillity. The SB-1s have a 5.25" mid/woofer and a 1" dome tweeter, yet its cabinet is only 10.25" tall, barely 1" taller than the other satellites suggested here and only 6.25" wide and 6.75" deep. They also will hang on the wall and can soak up some serious power without complaining. These are the successor to the SuperZeros and have that excellent NHT sound. Highly recommended.

Since you want a champaigne taste on your beer budget, I would get an NAD 752 ($699) with either the NHT SB-1 system or the KEFs. Well within your budget and it will have superb detail and sound quality for the price. Alternatively, look into the Outlaw Audio 1050 receiver which is only $499 and is much better sounding than any Sony, Yamaha, or Onkyo receiver. I would also consider a Marantz 7300, which can be had for under $750.


How much do you want to spend to get a receiver for your HC6 speaker system?

up to a 1000,depending on the formats allowed by the receivers.Iam curretly living in P.R. so ive got to shipped overhere,and some of the retailers wont ship overseas and i got to look for alternate shipping methods.

Scotty D
Hawk: You the man. Thank you very much for your time and thoughtful consideration for my system requirements. I really appreciate your reccomendations. You even researched pricing! Wow! How have you obtained your serious audio prowess?


Without going into the details, I am disabled, so I have more time on my hands than I would like. I am a bit obsessed with getting a great system for myself, so I have taken the time to audition a lot of products. Keeping track of pricing is a must for some one in my situation. I get out about once a week to listen and audition products, often times spending a whole afternnon at an audio store (driving them crazy no doubt), but listening to everything that I can. Glad I could help.


I don't know what you can get shipped to P.R. (lovely place, BTW--I have visited several times). However, let me make a few suggestions and we'll see what you can make happen.

1. Outlaw 1050--This unit I know can be shipped overseas, but that is not the only reason I would recommend it. It is a dynamite receiver for the money ($499) with a beautiful sound coming from a wonderful output section of high quality bi-polar transistors (most receivers in this price range use IC outputs which do not sound nearly as good and cannot produce real power for the speakers). Very high quality power supply to drive the outputs, too (also very rare in a modestly priced receiver). An excellent match for your speaker system. Only lacks Dolby Pro Logic II to be a complete system (however, this may not be important to you. DPL II converts 2 channels sound into a 5 channel surround sound and not that many people use it).

2. Denon 2803--Not quite as smooth sounding as the Outlaw, but a fine receiver nonetheless and a good match for your AR speakers. I found a good price on it at this dealer and they will ship outside the US, but you have to call them for rates. Check it out here:

3. NAD 752--My personal favorite, you can get it for $699 from Saturday Audio Exchange ( or $725 from Elegant Audio, the dealer that has the Denon above:

The NAD is smoother and more powerful sounding than than the Denon, and it has a much better remote.

Anyways, those are my suggestions for your AR speakers. I hope it is of some help to you.

Hello Hawk,

Have you ever heard the Axioms. Also do you have a prefeence betwen the yamaha and the NAD receivers?



The Pioneer VSX-53TX is a very nice machine but I believe the Yamaha RX-V2400 edges out a bit considering they are both in the same price range.

The Yamaha has a little better auto configuration feature like checking for correct speaker phase. Has an RS-232C port for control and possible future sound formats. Has Dolby Pro Logic IIx out of the box. Has 20% more Watts, well on paper at least. Does video up and down conversion. Has a virtual surround feature to use with regular headphones.

I keep hearing that the Yamaha is bright sounding and that the Pioneer is warm. Well as I see it, bright means clear and you can always warm up the sound with the built in EQ. I have never had the pleasure to compare both units with a flat EQ setting in the same room with the same speakers at the same time. I haven't found a store that sells both units. They do both sound awesome on there own and I can't really say one is warmer or brighter than the other.

I do like the looks of the Pioneer better as I find the Yamaha good looking but more conservative or business like.


You must be new here! Yes, I have heard some Axioms. Which ones did you have in mind?

As for receivers, the NADs are the best sounding receivers I have heard. I like some others, but the NAD is the best. They have a sweet sound that is very clean, clear and involving.

The Yamahas, on the other hand, are among the brands I like the least. They are bright and sibilant, which can cause "listener fatigue", and they are just plain terrible on music playback. Yamaha sells you "tricks", but NAD sells you good sound. I will take the latter any day.

Jeff Smith
Hi Hawk et al ;^)

I am new, just stumbbled in while googling for my new home HT that I am researching. I am getting a sony 34" XBR910 tv and looking for a 5.1 speakers in the $1500-$2000. range. So far the axiom M22, Vp150, QS8 with a HSU sub. have my attention, they have a loyal following as well. My viewing area is about 10x16' x 8' ceiling, but open on the viewers left for 25 more feet, its an open room abput 16x 40.

I have considered Harmon Kardon, Onkyo, NAD, Denon receivers.

Thanks for any feedback


lisa france
i did a test of the 800 and the 3803 on the 3803 sounded much better than the 800 on music. the 800 was very 1 dimensional on the sound stage, did not like the music sound at all. the 3803 sounded awesome on music and movies. the 800 was also awesome on movies. i am waiting to try th new 1400 to see how it compares, and may even buy one if it sounds any good.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Yamaha has nowhere near as much power in multichannel mode as the Elite. The Elite's have incredible load tolerance and perfectly flat response throughout the entire frequency range thus their power barely drops in multichaannel mode while the Yamaha's power drops to less than halfit's rated power. If you like the sound of the Yamaha and it matches your speakers[ they better be laid back] then by all means buy it and enjoy. Just beware it's limitations compared to others like Elite, H/K, NAD, Rotel and Marantz.

Why are you focusing so much time on three of the worst receivers in their price range. You must really love brightness and sibilance if you like the 3803 or the 1400.


I agree with your comment about multichannel power of a Pioneer compared to a Yamaha as I read the March 2003 HiFi News review comparing 6 different A/V models. Of the models compared, the Pioneer was the UK model VSX-D2011 which I believe is the equivalent of the VSX-45TX which was compared to the Yamaha RX-V1300. The New RX-V2400 has a bit more bang with a bigger transformer and capacitors. Would it have a virtually flat load tolerance as the Pioneer has? probably not would not be my first guess. But I think it would greatly improved.

lisa france
elite, I have heard the Pioneers, what pieces of shi, please they dont compare to good quality receivers like the denon. the denon sounds so much better, if you are going to be buying a pioneer, you might as well just throw it in and buy a sony.

lisa france
elite, also if you could read, I said if it sounded any good, have not heard it yet, so dont dont if i like it or not.

For those models,

In that price range I would look at getting the Yamaha RXV-2400 it has so much more features and good full sound and the best surround processor. The NAD sounds good but, NADs never last very long(poor reliability). The Denon is brighter than the Yamaha but sounds almost as good for music(not close for movies). But the Denon is one of the hardest types of receivers to use out there I once set up a 4803 for my friend and I wanted to smash the remote in to little pieces. The Onkyo sounds good to but does not have as good of features as the Yamaha. I agree with Lisa about the Pioneer Elite(they just suck like a Sony or HK. For the groups info I own an RXV-3300 and it blows anything even close to its price range out of the water. I have owned Marantz seperates before and this is better(half the price too). To compare the 3300 to the 2400, the 3300 has a much beefer amp section but the prepro secion of the 2400 has much better features=3300 better for stereo(better DACs, more power)2400 better for surround.

what are the pros and cons of the Integra receviers

Hey elitefan, stop criticizing YAMAHA. They are far better than pioneer.

For the people who say the Elites suck, are you referring to the newer models (45TX and up), or others of years past? I've only read good things about the 45, 53, etc. What exactly did you guys not like about it?

i have had 2 of the newer yamaha recievers recently (have a good price connection) and on
both of them i have had problems the first when
you really cranked it up you would see the disply
dimming and the second just stopped working one
day and also would not hold the speaker settings.

also a good friend of mine had the top of the line model last year and the channels kept going out.
yes recently yamaha has cheapened there equipment.

the denons, nads, onkyo, hk and marrantz make a much better product both in sound quality and build quaility.


Philip Glassfan
The Elites worth buying are the 59TXi, 49TXi, 49TX, or 47TX. They all have the same 160W X 7 amp section and they all weigh at least 64 lbs. They are made in JAPAN with incredible build quality, finish, and of course performance. I got my 47TX for $1500 closeout from Sound Advice. Awesome! The receivers that are not made in Japan just don't measure up. The build quality of these 4 top Elites are as good as ANYTHING I've ever seen.

New member
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Hey guys,
I also am looking to satisfy my champagne taste on a beer budget. I am a missionary in Peru and have saved for 2 years to accumulate my meager 1200 which I now hope to begin to purchase a great system. Of couse I would like to purchase it all now, but am willing to buy it in pieces. I need a reciever whose technology will last me a while in running my stuff - projector, xbox, sat, dvd,...etc. My problem with great speaker systems have to do with size and weight. I can't buy the stuff in S.A. so I gotta ship it. That gets costy on my budget. I love to listen to music as well as movies and games, so everyone recomends floor-standing models, but for shipping reasons I have been looking at bookshelf models for my fronts, sides and rears, with a center channel and sub. Will this combo work for muic as well as for movies and games? I need your advice as well as recomendations for recievers and speaker setups. Hope this isn't asking too much, but from just a bit of searching, I've found I'm in WAY over my head.

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