Yamaha or Onkyo..which will be my first Reciever?


am looking into purchasing a new receiver soon.I've picked out two that i like:
Yamaha RXV1400
Onkyo TX-NR900

I've had a chance to listen to an Onkyo TX-SR501 as that was all the dealer had in stock and i was impressed with the sound. I was curious to the Net-Tune the Onkyo TX-NR900 has and also the fact it was 7.1 so i almost bought it there and then.I knew i would be happy with the sound quality of a receiver i hadn't heard.What stopped me buying it was the price and also the fact would i even use Net-Tune much.
The Yamaha is 6.1 and also a fair bit cheaper.I havent yet been able to test it tho as i've just found one.
I will be using StudioLab speakers as i live next door to where they are made,in fact it was at the shop i heard the Onkyo.
I was wondering if any of you good people could give me any advice or any insight.Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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I just bought a TX-NR901 but I can't hook it up until X-Mas. Something about if she doesn't get her jewelry until then... yadda yadda... lol. I did listen to one (an NR900) in a home theater set up and was quite happy with the sound. Since the 901 just came out recently, you should be able to find the 900 discounted a good bit. My main reason for getting a 901 was the number of inputs (freely assignable) and the two new on the 901 features, video upconversion and RF LCD remote. Neither of those features is a must have, but they certainly are nice upgrades to the model. As for the Net-Tune, most of what I've read think it's mostly a gimmick. The MP3 streaming is said to work fine, but the internet radio I guess is underwhelming.

Can't speak to the Yamaha as I've never really spent much time with one.

I can't wait for X-Mas... I get to hook up the Onkyo and also the new SVS PB-2 Plus subwoofer that is on its way!

Sadly, I can't get the TX-NR901 as they're not available to me. Thanks so much for the input anyway. I agree about the NetTune. My wife is just tired of hearing about receivers. I'm trying to brainwash her into it, but it's not working. Curse that woman and her big brain!

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Look at the 801. Still 7.1 and THX Select. You can get it for $800 shipped from J&R right now with the free shipping offer. Mine's on the way, and an HSU STF-2. Still have to order my Axioms! Hopefully, I'll be rocking in the new Year.

I originally asked to see the 801 but only the 800 is available to me.I can live without Net-Tune as i haven't heard anything positive about it so i will save some cash at least.
At the moment the only advantage the Yamaha has over the Onkyo that i'm aware of anyway is the fact the Yamaha uses the new DolbyProLogic2x.
It's a case of 6.1 DPL2x or 7.1 THX goodness.
I hope to be rocking soon...when i figure out which Receiver will suit me best.It's taken me a few weeks to narrow my search down to 2 choices and it took me about half hour to sort out the speakers i want, and who said the chase is more exciting than the catch anyway.At this rate i'll never have my dream audio system for myself....i mean me and the wife.

I've just been reading some other posts and i think i may settle for the Onkyo TX-SR800 on the basis that i've read and also been told Yamaha don't make receivers like they used too.The speaker shop next door to me at least has an Onkyo properly set up in a test room so i could listen to one and i was happy with what i heard.
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