Musical Fidelity.... any cable recomendations


I have a MF X-Ray CD player and xa-100 amp.

Currently I have Audio Physic Spark III speakers, never heard of them either.. check (In english)

I rather rushed into buying the speaker cable and interconnects.. I went for QED Silver Spiral Interconnect and QED Silver An. speaker cable. Although not bad cables they ain't great. Boomy bass and ear-piercing treble.

Any ideas for replacements. I thought maybe the Ecosse Reference MA2's after hearing so many great things about them... no idea for speaker cable though

please help........

Hey that sounds familiar! I have a MF setup consisting of MF A3 Integrated and a MF A3.2 CD player and initially went with the much heralded QED Silver Spiral. As good as the QED cables were reputed to be they were no where near the Cardas interconnects and speaker cables. To be fair there is quite a price differential between the two.

They are well known for their warmth and musicality. I bought used cables which saved me a bundle and I'm using the Cardas Golden reference interconnect and Neutral Reference speaker cables. Alternatively, there are cables from a company called Acoustic Zen which have been getting rave reviews recently....will have to give them a listen of course.
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