Marantz SR4300's 6.1 channel input questions...


Anxious People
well, recently i move my HT system into my bedroom and i try to connect my PC as a gaming rig to the receiver, my soundcard is a Creative Audigy1 and i output the front channel (left/right), rear channel (rear left/rear right) and another two channel (centre/sub) to the correspond input of the analog 6.1 input available at the back of my receiver, well, i get multichannel gaming with no issues, but one thing i notice the sub won't active no matter what setting i put, i already put the Bass to output to "Both", which means let my front large speaker and subwoofer handle the low frequency, for your info, i connect the sub from the "Sub Pre-Out" jack, anything i done wrong that is why i can't get the subwoofer active in 6.1 channel mode.?.and i notice that once i change to 6.1 mode, the "Source Direct" function will automatically activated, which means the sub won't be use, am i correct on this.?.
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