Matching receiver for B&W speakers??????


Hi all,

I'm new here and looking for help to find a good marching receiver to match B&W DM602 S3 speakers. This is the first step for my system and looking for setup a complete system in the future.

Which receiver do you think is a good match? I like the sound to be more warm than bright. Music/movie ~ 50/50. Will Onkyo TX-SR601 or 701 a good match??

Thanks in advance...

Joe Sirignano
wala- concerning which amp/receiver to use for your B&Ws. i would match them to a rotel product
(receiver or integrated amp) I have the Ra-02
integrated amp and the combo works a treat. B&w
is the parent company of B&W and so there is some system synergy here. I highly recomend that you give the rotel products a listen.

Thanks - Joe Sirignano

I'll try to find a local rep. to try rotel out. But the price of rotel seems a little bit high for me though.

I'm considering onkyo 701 'cause of its price. Now I'm thinking of build a more complete system with: front DM602s3, center LCR60s3 & surround DM601s3 and leave sub later. Is this sounds a decent system?? Anyone??

Thanks in advance.

I listened to the LCR60 series 3 and wound up getting the LCR600 series 3. It sounded a lot better to my ears. But it is fairly large as far as center channels go


The B&Ws are quite decent. Make sure you listen to the 602 (7" driver) vs 601/603 (6.5" driver).

Initially I liked the 602 but found the bass a bit too much once I listen to the other two models. It totally depends on the type of music you listen to.

I end up getting 603 fronts, 601 rears, and LCR600 center.

As for receiver, besides Rotel I think NAD & Marantz are good matches. Try listen for yourself.

Thanks Orcrone & Anthony.

How about sub? Is the ASW600 & 650 has a big difference? I haven't got the chance to try by myself so just want to get some idea. 601+ASW650 or 602+ASW600??


I have a simiilar question regarding subs. I have 603 S3's (with LCR 60 centre and 600 S3 rears) and haven't got a sub yet. Opinions regarding ASW 600 vs 650?? I am about 75%/25% music/movies .Anyone heard the 703's yet? Thinking about them as an alternative upgrade.

I live in an apartment so I got a cheap Polk Audio 8" (PSW250) for roughly US$140. Still afraid to crank it up for movies.

tpc: fyi I tested the LCR60 for 2 wks & didn't like it. I enjoyed the LCR600 alot more.

wala: looks like you're trying to compensate for bass there. I'm not sure if it makes any sense to criss-cross a 6.5" driver to a 12" sub, and a 7" driver to a 10" sub instead. Remember the low pass cuts off at about 150 Hz, and most people set it lower to 60-100. Only if you like alot of bass I guess.

One thing to remember is, bigger subs give you deeper bass, but smaller ones have quicker (tighter) responses. So it depends on your choice of music.

In general, you're buying the bigger models because you have a bigger room, so going by B&W's recommendation of smaller & larger room setups:

600/601/602 => probably LCR60 & ASW600
602.5/603/604 => probably LCR600 & ASW650

The Rel Q201 is an amazing sub. The great thing about this sub is that it has the capability to have 2 types of inputs at the same time, and will use line input and serve as an expansion of any speaker system when listening to music, and shut down the surround sound section of itself. You can also tune it( pitch- brighter, duller) unlike many other subs, so it sounds it's best no matter which part of the room it is in.
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