Progressive Scan DVD appropriate receivers


Will a progressive scan DVD player work to its full potential connected to a HDTV with component video capability through the Onkyo HT-S650 or the Kenwood HTB-505 receivers?

Heywood Jablome
HTB-505 does not have component video switching, so you could not run the video through the receiver. The audio can go to the receiver, and connect the componenet video cables directly to the tv.

I don't know about the Onkyo.

Pat McCrotchen
Don't forget that you'll need a HDTV to take advantage of progressive scan too. Won't do much good to plug it into a regular old analog television.

You can't connect component video through the Onkyo HT-S650. The receiver in the Onkyo package is a TX-SR500 which doesn't have component video.

You could however connect the DVD straight to the TV and use that as a dedicated video setting. If you don't have more than one component video source, there's no need to route it through the receiver anyway.

Thanks for the info. Still undetermined re the HTS to obtain. Found a $399 + shipping for a Kenwood HTB-505 and $470 =free shipping for the Onkyo HT-S650. It seems to be a to be a tossup between the two.


Where did you see the S650 for $470? The lowest I have seen is $499 at CC.


Fred -- $470 with free shipping and no sales tax, if from outside Ohio.

Thanks for the info, Fred. By the time I read your reply I had stumbled upon that site myself and will be forwarding them the $470 tomorrow.

Try Circuit City (CC). $459.95 after a 40.00 gift card from CC =tax and no shipping if picked up at store.
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