Advice for buying a mini system and suggestions?


I live in a small NYC apartment. I recently bought a 27in flat screen TV and I would like to add some sound to it. I feel that a mini system will suit my sound needs and room size. I would like to get one with Dolby Digital/DTS sound and a minimum of a 3 disk cd changer. Does anybody have any recommendations on a system like this that will suit my needs. Thank you in advance.

I am kind of in the same boat. I am looking for advice on buying a mini system myself. If you find anything, let me know and I will do the same.


I'm looking for a portable cd/mp-3 system that has very high sound quality. Any suggestions on brands oratleast where to start my search?

Hey guys. I'm not sure if you're still looking to buy a Mini-System. But I came across this system that meets your needs.

Pioneer HTD-520DV DTS/PLII Theater System

I have been comparing mini systems for about 3 months now. I am 50 years old, play lead guitar, and have been playing, performing, or selling music and electronics for about 30 years. I have found 3 mini systems under $200 that have very high power and excellent sound. These do not include Dolby theater sound, but are the standard 3 CD, dual cassette deck, FM/AM Stereo models. These are not in any particular order. They are as follows:
1) AIWA NSX-D70 (features manual equalization control and very clear and crisp highs)
2)PHILIPS FW-C555 (Overall excellent sound...highly rated on and clear bass
3)JVC MX-G500 (Very very deep subwoofer response, high power....great reviews on midrange.....sounds "big"

These are all current models and can ususlly be found on the shelves in the local Wal-mart, K-mart, Target,Sears, and Circuit Ciry stores, as well as their websites. They all have incredible sound and quality for the money. Make sure your store offers at least a 30 day unconditional return policy so you can listen to your unit at home. Also carry a good quality favorite CD or tape to the store with you to help compare.

Denon makes one with mission speakers for about $383.99 (D-M50s) on the ( a good place to search for one, since there are reviews and a price comparison ). This one sounds better than the D-m30s for $299 - less powerful amp. Nakamichi has one for $425 ( bigger speaker ), and more realistic sound - good especially for classical music. The Denon system is soft and small sounding, although with clarity and sub out - Nakas don't. These two look classy as well - executive systems.
NAD has one (L-40) for around $600 without speakers - you can add them from many excellent book shelfs for better quality - the speakers that come with systems are the weakest part usually. Try axiom rt 3v ( for $275, paradigm atoms for $180. The NAD looks like a receiver, and not your typical mini system.
There is a much more expensive one by Linn, if price is no object - way over thousand that sounds even better.
For systems under $300, I would recommend
Phillips. They make decent sounding ones from $100-$250.
The prices I mentioned are the best deals you can find on the net - you might have to dig around to get that low. Goto, and type "hifi price comparison" and dig around. ( for instance - click on the "electronics" button on the top left, and scrawl down to "home audio" section and click on "mini systems" ) is another place.
Good luck and there are gorgious looking ones with acceptable sounds (not as good as separats), but if space is a factor, you must sacrifice on the quality. Buyers be aware of selling to your eyes instead of to your ears, which is what should be satisfied in an audio system. I would recommend reading reviews and making an informed choice when buying - I have been extremely happy with the results this way - but in the end, it's for your enjoyment, so get soemthing Y O U want, and enjoy - arn't audios Man's glorious creation? Do go through life with your favorite artist doing their sruff right in your room, and pass on the enjoyment of music - I am a music major, and this is called propaganda by a starving artist ( actually I am fat )

Try the new Panasonic models, nitrix series => AK410, AK510, AK610...

There are a number of reasonably priced 5 disc carousel DVD/CD players that even come with progressive scan, if you have a tv set capable of receiving HDTV. Otherwise you can save a few dollars by getting a non-progressive scan, unless you may upgrade your tv set to a digital HDTV capable at some time.

The best system to get depends very much on your budget for the receiver, speakers (with powered subwoofer), and DVD player. And it also depends on how loud you want to play your music and movies.

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For mini systems go for the Denon or Teac range.

Can't be wrong!

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I looking for a high quality mini audio system for my home office 19'x14'. Any suggestions.
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