Onkyo SR600 or Harman Kardon AVR320 or AVR520


I am looking for some opinions on recievers. First, my background was that i bought the Onkyo-HTB650 from CC and returned it after about 2 weeks. In my opinion, it is a very good system, but for the $$ i felt that i would be better of going the route of seperate components over time, so i won't outgrow my system.
In my search for a new start i have narrowed down some decisions. I feel that the Polk Audio RTi38 speakers are really great, so I am trying to match a reciever that will do them justice. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the REAL difference between the Onkyo SR600, and the Harman Kardon AVR-320 or AVR-520 for that matter. There is quite a bit of difference in price for the HK 520, but going for a refurbished unit puts it in within my grasp.
So what is the big difference? I have read tons of opinions and all Onkyo reviewers say that it is great power for the money, and HK reviewers say that Onkyo is not good for music (which is one of the reasons i returned the HTB-650). I have a 1000W, quality system, in my car, so obviously i like power...but i also want clear sound. I want something that i will really be able to crank no matter what i have, and that will still sound good.
I was leaning towards the HK-520 as of today, but when i went to CC to check it out, the sales person "Jen" was in favor of the Onkyo SR600 over the HK models. She said that it was just as good and that HK is just more "known" so it is more expensive. She said that the Onkyo has the same type of High Output Amplifier that is present in the HK, so if that is true then the Onkyo should be hands down way better because it is cheaper for the same wattage? Is this true?
Unfortunately, the SR600 was NOT set up next to the HK's or the Polk RTi38's for that matter. This is very anoying for trying to test the difference. But what would the difference be?
I don't want this discussion to turn into a HK vs Onkyo brand bashing from people who are loyalists to either brand. I know there must be other people out there that have had to have compared these models, so what is the verdict? Please reply with your opinions and experiences...

TO: Jon V

Me and my brother decided on the Kenwood VR-6070 as the best unit for each penny invested into a THX Select Receiver and has excellent sound quality, especially for DVD Movies. The extra THX Select features make it worth while investment for configuration and setup:

look at this product link;

THX Select AV Amplifiers and Receivers
Feature: THX Select power requirements more exactly match the needs of multichannel digital program material.
Benefit: A THX Select Receiver's amplifier section can now be easily built using a single common power supply of reasonable and cost-effective size. The peak levels remain the same as with THX Ultra systems (105 dB).

Feature: Owing to current economies of DSP design, all THX Select products feature: Re-Equalization, Timbre Matching, Adaptive Decorrelation, Bass Management, Bass Peak Level Manager, and Loudspeaker Position Time Synchronization
Benefit: THX Select electronics continue to be the most flexible and refined, and the "THX Mode" has the same utility.

Please see the following threads as well by selecting at the top DISCUSSIONS HOME-AUDIO RECEIVERS which will take you to discussions in regards to the Kenwood VR-6070 model.

We are using JBL SCS-150 speaker system...link to this product...

Please evaluate both products.

sincerely yours...Michael
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