Got the reciever today


leroy p
VSX-55TXi pioneer

on the back i noticed it has a spot for a powered subwoofer. but i have polk 6700 speaker system and they have a weird way of hooking them up. dont ask me ,my step son does it for me.

any way, do any of you see a problem with using the port on the reciever for the powered sub?

i think my main speaker wires go to the sub,then the sub to the reciever. i think.

so should i wire this up the way it is now? or use the sub port on the reciever??

grrrr, this might have been fun when i was younger,20 years ago, but i find it a pain now.

thanx for any info you can give me.

First of all congratulations on the purchase of a very fine receiver. The sub out is active on this receiver in direct and stereo modes so if your sub has line level inputs use those instead of running speaker wire to the sub first. This is not neccessary with this receiver. An Elite/Polk match should sound very nice. Happy listening.

leroy p
thank you for replying. if only i can get it together..LOL

I just got rm6700's with the PSW303 sub to go with my Pioneer receiver (not the Elite, though)- mine is older but seems to have the same connectors. If you go the "Polk way" of connecting, you will not get the 5.1 on DVD's - just 5.0. This may be better for music but is no good for movies.

I wired mine from the Sub Pre-Out to the line level input (right or left makes no difference)and the result is truly spectacular on movies.

For Music, try some of the DSP settings (Hall1, Hall2, etc)and play CD's through the same DVD input, not CD input. Works very well indeed.
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