How to get amp?subs to hit harder...


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i have a 10" dual 4 ohm blue wave series car subwoofer from pyle audio with a power peak of 1000w and a kenwood mono amp 500 watts rms x 1 at 2 ohms my subwoofer box isnt ported or vented and it hits pretty good. How can i get it to hit harder or would be recommended for max performance from my system?set up.

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Is this a car system? I assume so since most home systems don't try to make things work at 1 Ohm.

This isn't the car audio section of the forum. The rules of car audio are absurd and do not apply to home systems.

"Hitting harder" is subjective, there isn't a number value you can place on it since you "want" something that may already be at the limit of your components' ability. "Wanting" and "getting" then become two diametrically opposed values.

You aren't after realism, you are after what you have in your head as "you want" something to be. There's no definition of what "you want" so you could be chasing a "you want" forever.

However, that said, the Qts/Qtc of a sealed enclosure is typically associated with the "tightness" of the bass response. The driver must work with the system and not against it. If you've chosen the wrong driver for a sealed system, then you either need to change the driver or the box.

In a home system, speaker location relative to boundary surfaces also plays into the perceived sound quality. In most car systems, you're stuck with there the box fits.


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its seems as though 2/3's of your opinion is solely based on telling me that my yesterday, today, and tommorow is all a fantasy "typical________", never the less i asked a simple question and wanted a simple answer like: you need a stronger amp or change the gauge, or the amp isn't powerful enough or drill hole into the subs box or even change your head unit lol...its like your flexing your mental muscle "typical____________________" wtf i asked a simple question i'm not an expert and i don't really blog i tried it out because it was something new damn did i just give you some ammo :typical______________"...I think, i think i may have learned almost a gnats d!(k$ worth of something from you...if you change from trying to tell someone of to more of an intellegent, knowledgeable, and more mentor like individual you'll grow tremendously take care and God bless. your not the answer giver and i spelled stuff wrong i'm at the bottom of the list of perfection and in the middle of the list of failures God gives me another day and i just "TRY", thats it.

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1) I can't give an answer that doesn't exist. I can't give an answer when you do not have the ability to provide technical details which would suggest what you have obviously done wrong. Buy a subwoofer that "hits" and don't bother us.

2) This ISN'T the car audio forum. How people end up on the HOME AUDIO forum asking questions about car systems never ceases to amaze me. Though, I assume the inability to read goes along with the typical car stereo buyer. You ask questions that make no sense and want answers that come from nowhere. And that is the typical thread started here when you should be in the car audio forum.

3) Get off your high horse, you fool! You have one post here and you want to lecture me about how I should answer your stupidity???!!! Friend, I'll forget more in the next minute than you'll ever learn.

You don't even want an answer.

I gave you an answer!!!

You're just to stupid to know it.

The Qts of a sealed system is what you need to research.

I'm betting you still can't see the answer right in front of you.

4) You won't do any reading because it would require some learning on your part. You'd have to do some math. I'm sure you don't want to do math. You can't even spell!

You want someone to tell you, "Drill a 3" hole and it will be great".

5) You don't care to learn or to do the research required to do better than sticking a driver in a box and then b!tch that it doesn't sound the way you want.

You idiot!

Do you really think speakers are all about just sticking drivers in a box and then all will be great?

6) Do some research, learn something before you do something. You'll have a much better chance of getting a decent result.

7) Do us both a favor and don't come back.

Next time, ask that god of your's for help, you POS! Pray your sub starts sounding better. LOL!

Stupid, rude and ignorant punks like you are pathetic! Think about that for awhile. Every d@mn day, when you get up and stare in the mirror, the person staring back is you. And YOU are just going to get even more stupid, even more ignorant and your only response is to be rude to someone who gives you the answers you need. I've seen your type taking out the trash at every fast food joint I go in. The won't even let you near the friers!!! That's who you are, the guy who takes the trash out and cleans up other people's messes and no more.

Have a great life working for minimum wage and worrying about your car stereo.

And learn to spell or you won't even get that job!


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people already gave their answers ;) ;)
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