HK AVR-225 with more expensive speakers or NAD T742 and a bit less expensive speakers


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I am trying to decide which option would be the best for a budget HT setup (5.1) that will be used 60/40 for music/movies. The room will be carpeted and approximately 14x16x8.5 (wxlxh). I have seen lots of recommendations for the NAD T742 and was leaning toward it, but I just heard an HK AVR225 and it sounded very good. Locally, all of the dealers are out of 742s. I have between $1000 and $1500 to spend for the receiver, speakers, stands, cables and dvd player. My question is this: Would I be better off spending less on the HK (around $300) and put more into speakers (recomendations?) or spend more on the NAD ($480 with shipping) and have less to spend on speakers. All thoughts would be appreciated as well as recommendations for other low-priced decent receivers I should hear. Thanks!


Personally, I like the NAD better than the HK. I think the overall sound quality is better, and I think it is the best receiver in the under $500 range. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I would rather have the extra money in the receiver. When you are talking about getting 5 speakers (and maybe a sub as well), spending $180 more on speakers will not really make a huge difference (if you split that $180 up per speaker, including a sub, you are only really spending like $30 more per speaker...not much difference). I would get the NAD and look into some good budget priced speakers. I have PSB speakers paired with a NAD receiver, and I love the combo. You could probably get PSB Alpha line speakers, or some lower end Paradigm speakers (Atom or Titan) that would fit nicely into your budget. Either speaker brands sound excellent with the NAD.
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