What reciever bor B&W Speakers?


Can someone recommend a good reciever for B&W 601 speakers (Fronts) LCR60 (Center) and LM1 (Rears) for Home theatre (50%) and Music (50%).

I am looking that the Sony 3000ES. One of the reasons I am looking at this one is I was told I can connect my DVD/VCR/Playstation/Cable box to it and run one line to my TV. I wasn't going to buy a TV/Monitor right away and only have the single yellow (RCA?) connection into my TV right now. I was told the ES would convert up-convert is all to component video or down to my connection making it really flexible for my needs. Can anyone verify this or recommend other manufacturers that do the same thing.

Ted W.

I have the B&W 602's, I am using a Marantz sr7400 as my receiver and really enjoy the sound, but as the many people on this site that have advised me, I would, if possible, try and test several receivers on the market to see what you feel is best for your sound needs. After doing about 2-3 weeks worth of research, and getting advise from many people on this site including Johnny and Hawk. I would make a list of what your priority's are in a receiver that would match with your B&W's. For instance you might find a brand that sounds great with your product, but are not that crazy with the remote, various options for sound, or the technology built into the receiver. I personally finalized my choice for several reasons, mainly because I liked the match between Marantz and B&W. I have spent a total of about 6-8 hrs at the dealer, and have been very lucky in bringing various speakers home to sample in my listening area; which is very important in choosing your ideal receiver/speaker match. Lastly, it is up to you to find what is best for your taste, I know the guys on this site are very partial to NAD, unfortunately I do not have a dealer in my city, so I chose not to purchase a product without sampling it. That is why I chose the SR7400 because of the functionality of the remote, and the 2nd zone, but mainly for the great pairing of sound quality with the B&W's.

There are a great deal of choices out there, if you surf this site enough you will see what brands set themselves apart from others (i.e. NAD, HK, Rotel ,Marantz, Elite...), take what is advised with a grain of salt, because a great deal of the information on this site is opinions, as so is mine.

Remember if the sellers are not an authorized dealer, there is a reason for that; I would not buy a product from them no matter what the price.

Sorry Elitefan , you have been very helpful also.

SAL in other posts you said you bought a Marantz 4300 or 5300. What's the scoop?


Actually when talking with the dealer over the past few days I have gradually gone from a 4300 to a 7400. Sorry for any confusion. My dealer has been really instrumental in helping me with my purchase. The main reason for my changes was for long-term use. After talking with him, I realized there was a great deal more to choosing a receiver; beyond sound (i.e. compatibility with HDTV, learning remotes, 2nd zone) this might not be a great issue with some of you guys, not for me I thought it to be worth the investment.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

Cool. I wasn't doubting your claim but figured w/ the recent problem reports here on the lower end Marantz, you must have a story to tell if you moved up to the 7400. :)

I talked to people who carried both NAD & Marantz. There's no doubt at the low end NAD *is* the better buy (ie 742 over 4/5/6300). But once you look at 7300/7300ose vs 752/762, then the line is much thinner & it boils down to personal preference.

FYI I finally purchased a 7300ose with 5x B&W 60x S3 last Sat. Will post my impression soon. So far I'm very happy.
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