C'mon, please a little help with the Watt Question


I really could use an answer to this one, if anyone knows i would be MOST grateful!

I have a stereo receiver that puts out 60w x 2. It has outputs for 2 sets of speakers. now, if I have 4 speakers hooked up to it, Set A and Set B, as the receiver designates them, how many watts is each speaker getting? this is something I am quite unclear on. I am pretty sure that means each speaker is receiving 30 watts, but again, i really dont know. I would really appreciate some clarification on this. also, if you can by the same token explain exactly what a 75 watt max handling capacity would mean on a speaker, that would be great too (ie if i had an 80w x 2 receiver, could I hook up 4 75 watt max speakers).

Half the wattage of 2 chanels. IE 30 watt/ch. This could mean continuous or peak power depending on your reciever. Should drive your speakers ok if they are 75 w peak. If your reciever is 30w continous power and lets say 75 peak power then you should be ok with those speakers. what are the brands of speakers/reciever?

the receiver is a denon DRA-375RD, its currently powering 4 speakers, a pair of JBL MR25s (75 watt max) and JBL S38IIs (175 watt max). I suspect the receiver is significantly underpowering the S38s judging by the sound quality which is why i guessed that 60 x 2 means 30 per speaker if all 4 are hooked up. but im still not sure

Alford Holland
Your owners manual for the Denon should tell you the output when 4 speakers are connected. I believe that the load on the amplifier would be relative to the sensitivity of your speakers. If all speakers had a high sensitivity level you would get more volume than with low sensitivity speakers.
Max wattage per speaker theoretically means that the speaker can handle that much power without damage to the speaker. This max number is not always related to the amount of power required to drive the speakers. Sensitivity is the key factor. Also, it is not always power that damages speakers. Lower powered amps that are driven to the point of clipping (excessive volume) will do more damage than higher powered amps at the same volume because higher power should result in less distortion.
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