Which cd player with NAD 762?


Not looking to exceed $500 and looking to replace Yamaha 5 disc changer. Speakers are Paradigm Ref. Studio 60's.


I would get an NAD to go with your really sweet system (the 762 with Paradigm Studios is one of the best systems out there). I noticed that Saturday Audio is closing out their NAD 521i's for $199, and it is a super player, especially for that kind of money.

Or, you could go for the NAD 541, which has an MSRP of $499, but you can get it for $399 from Kief's (www.kiefs.com). It has HDCD playback and separate power regulators for the analog and digital sections of the player--makes for a cleaner signal.

Both players have won some awards from audio mags in the UK--one of the few places that still care about CD playback. The 521 for best budget player (three years in a row) and the 541 for best player, period. Given what else is out there, that is a pretty strong endorsement.

Thanks Hawk...as usual. I was looking at the 541i and have heard great things about it but some say the Arcam is better. What do you think about the cd72 and is it worth the extra cash?


I think the Arcam is a superb player--in fact, they are both superb. I could listen to either one all day and never get tired of listening. However, because they are so close, I don't think the Arcam is worth the extra money. Get the Arcam if what you really want is its good looks, but sound-wise, it is not worth an additional $300 over the NAD, IMO. They are too close, sound-wise, for that.

Is there any value in matching an NAD dvd or CD player to an NAD receiver? Or does it matter for anything other than aesthetics?

Black Math
The Arcam player is upgradeable the NAD is not. That gives you some room for growth as long as ARCAM is making the upgrade path available. The NAD had HDCD, Arcam does not (unless you upgrade). There is an Arcam CD62 which is more in the NAD price range (no HDCD no upgradability, though). I prefer Arcam.

Having the same CD player and receiver will allow you to use one remote to control both.

Thanks Hawk. Called Saturday Audio about the NAD 541i and it's down to $349. Just placed the order and it should get the house by mid week next week. People at SA are easy to deal with and very helpful. Thanks again and I'll update you on the sound next week.

If you have a great DAC in your receiver, then you should just use your CD player as a cheap digital transport to pipe the bits to the receiver, and let the great receiver do its magic.

No point in having two great DACs. Just pipe everything through one great DAC.


Have you listened to the C521BEE vs. the C521i?

Is there much difference in sound between the two?


No, I haven't. The C521bee has not shown up in my local dealers yet, and I haven't asked as I have been busy finishing the painting of my deck (It's done, thank God--snow arrived today!).

Frankly Scott, I don't think it will sound much different. There may be some improvement, but I haven't had the chance to listen to see if I could hear it. If you have the chance, please post your experiences here.

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