Please tell me what "bright" means. Thank you.


Please tell me what it means to call a receiver "bright".


Below is a portion of a review I gave of my new HT NAD T762 and PSB speakers. It might help. Of course...this is just my opinion as others may have a totally different view of what "bright" means.

"When I first started reading this forum, many people were describing sounds as being "bright" or "mellow"..."in your face" or "laid back". Not having much to compare, I did not really know what the difference was. What defines something as "bright" or "laid back"? After comparing my old Polk's and the new PSB's, I now know what all of the talk was about. I would describe the PSB/NAD combination as definately more "mellow" or "laid back" than my old Polk/NAD combination. The Polks sounded very bright compared to the PSB's. For me at least, the "mellow" PSB sound is much more desirable. The best way I can describe it in a way that other people can relate to is around with the treble control on your receiver. Turn the treble all the way up...this is what "bright" emphasis on the "higher" sounds. This is what the Polks sounded like comparatively. Then, turn the treble back to the normal position. This sound is more "mellow" or "laid back". There is not so much emphasis on the higher sounds, rather it seems more blended. This is how the PSB speakers sound in my mind."

I agree with Johnny's description of bright and mellow etc. Lets not forget that most receivers have some tonal control like an EQ or Bass/Treble which you can adjust to brighten up or mellow down your sound.
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