More NAD propaganda!


Finally decided on a NAD T752 and it's awesome. Picked it up at the local dealer (Spearit Sound) for $650 new. I must say, I haven't experienced any pops or other annoyance that have been reported many times on this forum. I guess I'm lucky. The NAD has a warm but detailed open sound. I tried Denon/Yamaha/P-Elite/Rotel and NAD. The NAD sounds way better than the Denon/Yamaha/Elite which I thought were a bit underpower and very bright. The new Rotel RSX 1055 sounds a touch better than the NAD as far as separation/soundstage. It also sounds more neutral. Overall I do think it's a tad better than the NAD (even the T762), but it would cost twice as much. As far as performance/price, NAD wins.

Thank you Hawk/Johnny for your advice. Now, can you guys think of a good center channel speaker to match a pair of Vandersteen 2ci fronts (in the $200-300 range?

For all others who hates this BBS because there's too much NAD propaganda, sorry, but what can I say, when a product is good, people should know about it. If you have a good receiver (NAD or not) tell others, isn't that the purpose of these forums? I am also not a NAD rep. I'm a surgeon who loves to relax to good music and an occasional good movie.

John A.
Nice to read your post, Alan.

Where is Jacko?!

Sorry I do not know Vandersteen 2ci speakers. Hawk seems to be away. He and G-man seem to know a lot about speakers.

John A.
Contrary to the last remark, I am pleased to see Hawk is back.


I am really happy you have a receiver that works for you. I hope it underscores the fact that those of us who answer these posts don't have an agenda, as charged, but that we are honestly trying to help out others. It is a very fine product.

As I said before, I love your Vandersteens--out of my price range, unfortunately. Because they are so "open" sounding, they can be tough to match a center speaker to. However, I have a couple of suggestions:

1. Ascend Acoustics CM-340 Center speaker: $298, available directly from Ascend Acoustics (30 day trial period) at

2. PSB Image 9C: $269 from DMC Electronics (

Both are very good center speakers that will give you great dialogue reproduction, but can keep up with the Vandersteens on more complex information, as well.

John A.:

Nice to be back among friends. As for Jacko, last I heard he was being "booked" into Santa Barbera County Jail . . .


You are right, Jacko has been booked, posted $3 million bail and is now back in Vegas to be with his "family" for Thanksgiving...the story continues....

I received my NAD t762 on Thursday and it
has already crapped out on me. While I was
watching a movie, i began adjusting the dB
level for the center channel 'on the fly' from
the remote when suddenly the volume shot up in
the front right speaker. I quickly turned the
volume down, but this only made the loud sound
switch to all channels one by one as i ticked
the dB's down. I finally hit the power button
and then powered the unit back on to find no
sound at all. Adjusting the volume via the dial
sent either a very large or small amount of sound
to a random channel. every time i turned the
dial all the way off, and then spun it back on
a new channel received sound. So I tried
resetting the unit a few times but this had no
effect. I guess I'll have to run over to my
local dealer tomorrow and see what they think.


Thanks again for the speaker advice. I will look into them. What? Jacko's a con man?? Interesting... I wonder what kind of receiver and speaker set up works best in a prison cell. Would the bars pose acoustic issues? Hmmmmm....


Sorry to hear you're having problems with the T762. You should check the firmware, but it sounds like it might be defective. I would take it back for an exchange. Good luck.

hehe, i think they were implying Jacko is
Michael Jackson ;)

Well the receiver is working again. I unplugged it for an hour and detached all the cables going into it. Then i reattached the speaker cables one channel at a time and tested them one by one with no problems. I am at a loss as to what happened, but Im glad I dont have to haul it down to a dealer tomorrow. I am going to give NAD a call and explain what happened. Does anyone know if you get to talk to a real person when you call the 1-800 number on the warranty card? My firmware version is 1.20, so maybe my problem has been addressed in 1.22..hehe. It felt like a software problem. This is very disappointing since this receiver sounds amazing. I auditioned The Two Towers Extended Edition on it last night and was blown away. I am glad this board referred me to NAD, but I hope NAD will be able to help out with this issue!

John A.

You can also e-mail NAD. They respond.

There has clearly been a problem with a some production runs of T532s. A very informative thread is NAD 752 V1.22 what are the improvements? where TCSmith, who is an electronics engineer, gives a detailed account of how he/NAD solved it. But don't get worried; you could just have a set-up glitch. "If it works, don't fix it"!

re The Two Towers extended, it is not released until Wednesday here. Empire Magazine (UK movie-buff) says, more or less, if you thought the extended Fellowship was startlingly better than the theatrical release, wait till you see/hear the extended Two Towers. They quote Viggo Mortensen as saying the extended versions will be the only ones people will come back to, and remember, in the future. Empire claims the theatrical release was cut entirely because three hours is the industry's calculated maximum time people can go without a pe*. With HT and a small bladder, you can always press "pause". If you can tear yourself away.

Mind you, pe*ing yourself during the Battle of Helm's Deep seems only human.


Welcome back, friend. There were some lively posts last week; I was away myself and caught up a bit at the weekend. I am not much into DSP special effects, but a Michael Jackson suppression circuit would be something to consider. Or perhaps he can be paid to endorse Bose loudspeakers.

John A.
Should have been "some production runs of T752s". Sorry, folks.


What do you think about the Axiom VP100/VP150 to match the Vandy 2ci's? Thanks.

I'd get either the Axiom 150 or the Ascend CMT-340C @ $298. They are both online companies with 30 day return policies. Ascend's are noted for their great frequency flatness with very little distortion. Which sounds ideal for a center channel that gives you much of the dialogue. Ascend just comes in black.

Thanks G-Man. After reading some of the reviews on the Ascend 170's, I'm sure the CMT-340C is going to be great. But I may wait for some reviews first...not really in a hurry to buy at the moment. Thanks again.
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