Will an NAD 742 drive my B&W 603s well?


Hawk? John A? I could use your help... :)

I've been shopping for a surround receiver (upgrading from an old 65 wpc stereo receiver), and I found a new but pre-owned NAD 742 at a GREAT price (less than $200). I'd been looking at the 752 (and possibly the new 753), but the price on this 742 is really tempting. My concern is whether the 742 will have enough power - it's rated at 50wpc x5, or 60x2 in stereo. The 65wpc receiver I'm currently using fills up the (12x25 foot) room with plenty of sound, but I don't know how much a drop of 15 wpc (in surround mode) would affect my speakers' performance.

Do you have any thoughts? Hawk I think I read that you just bought a 753 - is it worth waiting until I can afford that model?

You don't say what brand/model receiver you're currently using, but unless it's a top of the line model I'd bet good money that the 742 will put out a *lot* more sound. How can that be you ask? Simply because NAD is honest about its power ratings and most other manufacturers are not. Have a look here: http://www.nad.co.uk/power/

Hell, I'd buy the 742 even if you don't plan on using it yourself. Sell it to someone else for $350. :)


For that price, if you don't buy it, I want it!

I would be willing to bet that the 742 will give you more real power than your old 65 wpc stereo receiver. 15 wpc is just not a noticeable difference if all things are equal. But NAD's power ratings are very conservative, and the mass market models are so notoriously overstated, so things are not equal. My buddy's DEnon DRA-395 is rated at something like 80 wpc, but my 30 wpc Yamaha from 1981 has more apparent power. So, who knows. Based upon test reports of the other NAD models I have read, I would suggest that the NAD can actually put out 10-15% more power than its rating by the manufacturer. Additionally, NAD watts just seem bigger than anyone else's, so the NAD may actually be more powerful than your current receiver. I do know it out-performed, power-wise, several 100 wpc receivers that I compared it to.

BTW, what speakers do you have?

I don't have my 753 as they will not be out until December. I am getting itchy, so I may just get a 752 and be done with it, but right now there are some nice deals on all of the current NAD models,so who knows. I may yet get a 762.

Oops, I forgot the title of your thread! Yes, the 742 will have more than enough power for your B+W 603s.

John A.

That is a real bargain. Just make sure the pre-owner looked after it and kept all the parts. If its under warranty, you are safe. I worried a lot about powering down from Sony (100 Wpc) to NAD (60 Wpc) but in fact the NAD has more real power as well as sounding in a different class entirely, even just on stereo, let alone its tremendous power in HT (rated all channels driven - look at the link from AdamT).

Thanks, this is great information. I've heard you say that NAD wattage meant more but wanted to confirm. I've chatted a decent amount with the current owner - he bought it for an extra room and then couldn't afford speakers, so it's barely been used. It's slightly risky, but he seemed pretty honest and has promised a refund if the item arrives w/ any problem.

John A.

Let us know!

While you're on the topic, do you think that 752 would be adequate to drive a pair of B&W CDM9NTs? How 'bout the 762?

FYI, I decided to post my last message as a separate thread. Sorry for being redundant...
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