Onkyo receiver PCB hidden functions


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Hello to everyone, last night I opened my old Onkyo TX-SR 503 to clean the buttons and the potentiometer and to remove dust also.

While removing the front face PCB I noticed there were a lot of extra functions not found in this model, but in higher end models of that time, for example PURE AUDIO, which is printed in the PCB but has no button soldered in.

I know some electricians open Alpine HUs to add aux cables because the connections are already printed in the PCB.

So my question is, is the PCB of the higher end model used for my receiver? And what if I short the connection leads? Would some functions work? I don't want to try because I might screw it.

Thank you for your time.

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If it were just a matter of adding a switch, you could probably get away with it.
However, other things may apply.
1. Are there any additional components or even another board needed to make this function work?
2. Is there a software change needed? Receivers and home electronics in general are increasingly 'software driven'.

You may be able to figure this out if you had access to schematics and block diagrams of the receivers in question.

And YES it is common practice to carry boards from model to model adding features as you go upline. This keeps costs down. If you want more functionality, 'ya gotta pay more $$$.

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Yeah, I was thinking about that, probably if I add a button and activate a function, the board still may need a chip to process the sound.

I'll open it again and try some of the functions, I thought about it and I believe the worst it could happen is that the function may just not activate. I'll post a pic to show the pcb and the results..
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