5 band equalizer settings to increase bass on an android phone ?


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hi friends ,
so i bought new earbuds for my phone but did not get enough bass so then i downloaded an app called equalizer but dont know how to do the settings to get monster bass on these cheap earphones so here are the bands :-
Band 1 - 60 hz
Band 2 - 230 hz
Band 3 - 910 hz
Band 4 - 3khz
Band 5 - 14 khz
plz tell me how to set these to get the best bass
Note : i can only go up to +15 and go down to -15

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Get better earphones: earbuds don't have much bass, especially 'cheap' ones.

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Doesn't your phone offer preset EQ's? Or, the app? If so, try running through the selections. Your media player on your computer probably has similar presets. Try the presets and look at how the signal is shaped. "Bass" obviously does not occur at 14kHz.

However, your request for "monster bass" and the "best bass" are exclusive to one another. "Best" is generally considered to be bass response which is well integrated into the entire musical spectrum and evenly balanced with the rest of the music. "Moster bass" is just bass that overwhelms everything in its wake and leaves your ears ringing. That's fun for maybe, what? five seconds? It certainly won't be fun when you damage your hearing, which definitely is what results from "Monster Bass".

Asking headphones which do the best bass to now achieve Monster Bass by way of EQ will end with distortion in the amp and the phones and, eventually, certainly will destroy the earbuds and possibly damage the amp in your phone.

Since you have not indicated what you bought nor what your budget can be for new headphones, it's fairly impossible to give a better answer than that. But, certainly, if you want monster bass, you should begin with headphones that already are balanced towards that sound. Personally, I'd give up on the eq as it will likely drive your phone's tiny, little micro-watt amp into distortion long before you reach your end game. Spend some real money on real headphones and you're more likely to achieve our goal. Closed back headphones will typically have more bass than will earbuds. It's a simple matter of physics. Read the reviews and select a phone that has the sound you want. You don't tow a boat up hill with a compact car and you don't get monster bass from cheap earbuds and crappy five band eq.

However, you can't always have what you want when you purchase equipment that doesn't aim at the same goals you have. Your phone has this tiny, little, micro-watt amplifier and that amp was designed to drive the headphones supplied with the phone. Change the phones and you've changed the load on that tiny little amp. Did you catch that word "load"? Headphones have two important specifications you need to pay attention to; sensitivity and impedance.

"Sensitivity" relates to how loud the phones will play with a specific amount of wattage applied to their inputs. The higher the sensitivity spec, the louder the phones will play with that tiny, little micro-watt amp in your phone. A 101dB phone plays louder than does a 96dB phone - by a quite noticeable margin! Sensitivity is desireable when you want bass because you're asking that micro-watt amp to work very hard in the lower frequencies.

"Impedance" is a term which means "resistance to work". The higher the impedance in the load - the phones - the harder the micro-watt amp must work. Headphone amplifiers are designed to operate within a specific impedance range; 8 to 16, 32 to 64, etc. Unfortunately, phones range over a very wide impedance load. Anywhere from a low of 8 Ohms to a high around 900 Ohms. Plug a high impedance phone into an amp designed to drive a low impedance phone, or vice versa, and you're going to be disappointed in the sound. If you can find the impedance of the phones supplied with your phone, you need to stay in that same range to have a copasetic pairing. Ignore that number and you're already going to be disappointed.

The much better solution though is to buy an external headphone amplifier and phones well suited to the amplifier's output. For example, this amp (http://amazon.nuforce-icon.com/NuForce-Icon-uDAC2-Red-Headphone-Amp/M/B003Y5E8RE .htm includes a "DAC" which will improve the sound quality from your phone and then step up the wattage of the signal which will allow you more latitude in shaping your already better quality sound. The system is still small enough to be portable by most people's thinking. Physically smaller and larger amplifiers are avilable depending on how you want to use the amp.

Headphone amps range from the very inexpensive, the diy (put it together yourself) and the very small. They are intended for just a bit better sound quality than your phone came with - it is, afterall, a phone and not a sound system - to high priced amps intended for the listener who sits in, say, the john and wants to blast out some tunes. You can build a diy amp and put it inside an Altoids box if you want. Headphone amps are all over the place and you can certainly find one that suits your needs and eliminates the potential of destroying your phone just because you want it to be a sound system. There are headphone amps for most any purpose and any budget. You just need to look.

Buy an external headphone amp and it will state the impedance of the phones it matches and those it will not. Now you're on your way to the sound you want without buying stuff that doesn't match and doesn't work together. The bottom line, don't buy stupid. Learn what will accomplish the job you want and then decide to pay for that quality. Applying massive eq to your present phones will only break the phones and possibly fry the amp in your phone. And, I am duty bound to tell you "monster bass" will permanently damage your hearing. Take that from someone who has spent their life around music. Your hearing is one of your most valued possessions and you shouldn't intentionally set out to do damage to it. Once it's done, it's done and you can't get it back. Treat your ears well when you are young or you will reget it when you are older.

Buy a good amp and good phones, you won't need eq. EQ is the dumb way to achieve an end. Owning the correct equipment and using it in an appropriate manner is the smart way to get to where you want to go.

Check out "headphone amplifiers" with a search engine. Select an amp that suits your needs and then find phones to match - not defeat - your amp.


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The previous poster's comments may be too technical for someone using earbuds and a phone to listen to music. So, let me simplify this for you.

Some of the better earbuds do have good bass, but important in accomplishing this is achieving a good seal for your ear. Some are better than others.

Check out Sony's higher-end earbuds, and be sure that you are using them with a source that has good quality, such as a dedicated MP3 player or CD player.

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The op states the headphones/earbuds will be used with a cell phone. Not with a "dedicated MP3 player or CD player". A cell phone isn't the best source player for music. It's best as a phone. If that's too technical, the bottom line is to buy a better amp to use with the phone and headphones suited to that amp if the "best" bass is the desired result. Applying eq to the phone's puny amp isn't a good idea.


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An amp for a cell phone? I don't they even make such an article. Who would do that anyway? It would be simpler just to get a dedicated portable music player (portable CD player, minidisc, mp3, etc.) and high quality earbuds.

The 'equalizer' he refers to is an app for the phone, not a second external device.

And you can't get 'monster bass' on 'these cheap earphones'.

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"The 'equalizer' he refers to is an app for the phone, not a second external device."

Yes, I know that. If you've actually read the op, that's made clear - as is the fact the op intends to use a phone - not a dedicated CDP. I don't have a clue what you're complaining about now. You seem never to be happy unless someone is doing exactly as you tell them to. The op wants to listen to music using his phone. Get over it.

Minidisc?! Really?!!! You haven't paid attention since the 90's, have you? You can't download to a Minidisc.


"An amp for a cell phone? I don't they even make such an article"

There seems to be alot of things you aren't aware of; headphone amps for portable devices, receivers without phono inuts, downloaded music, etc, etc, etc.

"And you can't get 'monster bass' on 'these cheap earphones'."

Buy earbuds/headphones that give what you want in the first place; http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Monster-Beats-Headphone-playback/dp/B0073YC5ZE, http://www.hifiman.us/Products/ or http://gradolabs.com/page_headphones.php

Know the impedance of the set you choose and buy an amplifier which is well suited to driving that load and which suits your needs for portability.

Nothing to it when you know what to look for and you don't insist someone do as you tell them to do when you still think Minidisc is popular.


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Minidisc? I still use mine, and it sounds wonderful. Who cares if it's 'popular'? Popularity is such a quaint concept. Tubes aren't 'popular', are they? Yet you seem to like them.

Be consistent, sonny boy.

He's complaining that his phone + earbuds don't have good bass. There is nothing he can do to change that. He needs to get a better playback device and better earbuds.

I own Sony MDR-E888LP earbuds and they are excellent.

These look good for the OP:


Sony Fontopia earbuds:

http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1? url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=fontopia
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