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Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of buying Paradigm's Studio 60 ver3 and need help with a reciever. The ones that they can pair me up with are the Yamaha 2400,H/K avr630, and the Onkyo nr901. Should I be giving these receivers a serious look or can someone recommend a receiver that will complement the speakers.

Many thanks


Of those receivers you listed, I would recommend the HK over the Yamaha and Onkyo. HK have a very warm and detailed sound compared to the other two. Also, when you compare "apples to apples" in the power category, the HK will probably outpower, or at least match, the power of the other two. Don't get me wrong, the other two are fine units, and some prefer them, but I do not like them as much as HK. The Yamaha has a very bright sound, in my opinion. While some may find this appealing, I actually got a headache while listening to a Yamaha for an exteneded period of time. I used to have an older Onkyo, and it sounded great, but no where near the detail or clarity of HK.

You also asked for any other receiver recommendations. While I probably will get blasted for this, I would also recommend that you give a look at the NAD T762. It is priced very well right now as it is being discontinued. I bought mine for $899, but there might not be many left. I listened to an NAD/Paradigm combo in the showroom, and it was a WONDERFUL combination. The NAD, like the HK, has a very warm and detailed sound, in my opinion. The Paradigms help bring out this clarity even more. The combo was simply unbelievable. If I would have had the money, I would have jumped on some Paradigm speakers, but I got a huge deal on some PSB speakers and it was too good to pass up.

I am also a fan of Pioneer Elite. Elites are also very warm and have a wonderful mellow sound. If you can find one, check some of them out. I think the 55txi is in the same price range as the others you listed.

I love the Studio 60's but I would not pair them with any of the recivers at that dealer. The Yamaha isn't a terrible match with Paradigm generally but the 60's deserve a better unit than the 2400. It's underpowered and would be a better match with the Paradigm Monitor series. Sonically I like the H/K and Onkyo but I don't thin they match well with Paradigm. To mellow IMO. I would agree with the recommendation of NAD if you have a dealer nearby. The 763 would be a perfect match for the 60's. A Rotel 1055 or 1065 would also be great. Even though I love the Elite line I would not pair one with Paradigm. Same deal as H/K. To mellow. Your dealer has an interesting mix of brands but not a very good mix of receivers for the Paradigms. Are you considering any other speaker brands? If you are open to others I cannot recommend Monitor Audio Silver enough. Perfect match with H/K, Marantz or Elite.

Paul T
Anon, I bought the Studio 20v3's and they are a great speaker, if I had the room I would have loved to go for the 60v3's. Unfortunitly the bookcase arrangement I have only allowed for the 20's. As for receivers I would go for the most bang you can get for your buck. I had tried running the Paradigm Studio 20's with my Yamaha receiver which we rated at 75wpc but it just couldn't hang in there so I bought a NAD T752 which is doing a great job driving them, the NAD is rated at 80wpc but it is a true 80 or higher according to reviews on this receiver. HK and Onkyo are very good companies too and usually true to their power ratings... Go for what sounds better to you for your choice in speakers is a very good one.. You can never go wrong with Paradigms you just need to match them with a equally as good receiver...
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