Need Help With Setup


I have a Sony STR-DE985 6.1 Receiver. Under the EQ there are a number of settings for Trebble, Bass, and what's most confusing, MHZ options. If anyone has this receiver, can someone explain to me in english what this means and the best set up for the most ooomph for my system?

John A.
Do not be disappointed if no-one can answer; that is not a clear question. It sounds as if you would like an ooomph control you can set to "Max"! Sony can't provide one of those, because each person's ooomph meter is different. But you can try various things, listen, and stick with settings you like. If the receiver has an equalizer, the best initial setting is "Off". When you have got used to the general sound, then it begins to make some sense to tweak things to see if you can increase your personal ooomph.
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