"popping" sound on NAD T762


I, like others on this forum, am experiencing a "popping" sound as I am switching surround modes with an NAD T762. I love the sound of the NAD. To me, this problem is definately not bad enough to make me get rid of it. I was just wondering if anyone had a quick fix of this problem. It is merely a minor annoyance. I have seen many other threads that present the same problem, but none yet that give any possible solutions. FYI, I have tracked the problem down to the subwoofer. When I unplug the sub, and let the rest of the system run, there is no popping sound. Also, as I stated earlier, I am very happy with my NAD...this problem is merely an annoyance...so please refrain from any "NAD bashing" on this particular thread. Thanks.

matthew dow
I'll give this a go this weekend. I don't have a sub hooked up yet and I have not noticed any popping when switching modes.

more later...
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