Just got HK 7200 a few days ago blows away Yamaha


After asking receiver recomindations I ended up with a HK 7200. Due to circumstances I only had HK, Yamaha, Sony, JVC, Denon, Kenwood and Pioneer to choose from. Well I ordered a Pioneer Elite 55tx but due to shipping restrictions I could not get the pioneer so I followed Hawks recommendation of a HK.

Well after playing around with it for a few days it kicks a$$ compared to my Yamaha. No blairing loud tweets when i turn it up real loud.

It changed the whole sound for the better very clean crisp and over full sound accross the board. Setup was very easy after reading the manual(even though the manual seams a little weird with how they explain stuff).

Another great thing is there is not a million DSPs i will never use. They got just the basic ones That u need. I never once used any of Yamahas special dsps. Besides the usual Dolby and DTS stuff(when watching a movie) do you really need sci-fi, adventure, rock, hall, sports, and all those crappy dsps.....no

I have heard lots different receivers that my friends own and I think my HK is best sounding.

Only downside is as everyone else says it runs warm to very warm but I ran it really loud in 5 channel stereo(don't got 7.1 speakers yet) for a few hours while I was doing yard work and it did not clip overheat at all.

Well that is just my 2 cents.

Nice choice, Dave.


how much did you pay for the 7200?

It's $899 at ecost now.

Good choice. As a Elite lover I'm sorry you could not get the 55 but your H/K is a really great receiver. Enjoy!
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