Rotel 1065 or Yamaha RX-Z1 what is the best for me.


Randy Cannon
I currently have a yamaha 5560 receiver and am looking to upgrade. I have been looking at the yamaha rx-z1 and the rotel 1065. I spend most of my time 90% watching movies and the other 10% listening to music. After reading a lot of converstaions on this website it sounds like the rotel would be the choice for purists and music but the yamaha would be the choice for movies. Please help. My current setup is:
Def tech BP2000 for front
Def tech CLR3000 for center
Def tech BPVX for surround
Denon DVD2900 for DVD's and Sacd's.

Thanks for any input...


Rotel, Rotel, ROTEL! It has an incredible sound, easily the cleanest sounding receiver out there. It would also sound great with your Def Techs.

Randy Cannon
Hawk, thanks for the advice. I have seen your name in a lot of the discussions so therefore I assume you knowing I spend most of my time watching and enjoying movies and their soundtracks Rotel would be the way to go. A couple of more questions;if you went with separates from Rotel what would be your recommendation the RSP-1066 , RSP-1098, RMB-1075,RMB-1095.I am leaning to the RSP-1098 and the RMB-1075. What do you think??? I appreciate your input?? Thanks !!!


I think that is an excellent choice. If I could do something like that, it would already be done. Rotel is top quality, whether you are talking about their receivers or their seperates. The 1098 with the 1075 is a super combo.
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