New Yamaha Amp with THX Select 7.1


I am considering of getting a receiver. Inititally I was into Yamaha RXV 2300 butlater the shop convinced me to choose Denon AVR3803. Another shop was promoting Onkyo TXR 701 with THX EX. Onkyo receiver seemed to have everything I need and I don't need. And yesterday I found out that Yamaha will be releasing the receiver with THX certification (follow this link: Can anyone pls help me with their expertise. I intend to pair them with B&W speakers (600 Series II or III), B&W Woofer ASW 1000 and rear AE Evo speakers. Is there any better match for any of the above?

Appreciate you comments.

IMO, the Yamaha is not a good match with the B+W speakers. B+Ws are a bit forward sounding, and so is the Yammie. I would recommend the Onkyo, easily the cheapest of the three receivers, but the best match for the speakers.
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