Newbie - Dahlquist with elite vsx-45tx?


So Ive recently decided I want a great stereo for my house. I watch a lot of movies. I have/will have 2 Dahlquist dq-10s - either buying a refurbed set cheap, or taking one of my dad's sets and refurbing it myself. Anyway I'm thinking of mating it to either a vsx-45tx or a 55txi OR a yamaha rx2400. I will be using it for music and for watching movies. SO I do have a jbl sub (it does the job for now) and I havent decided on rears or a center channel. Price is a mild concern. Mostly I want to know what people think of these combinations - and how will these speakers do for movies? And which reciever should I go with?


The Pioneer would make a much better match for the Dahlquist's than the Yamaha. The Yamaha would be way too bright. Go for the 45, if you can find one.

any others that would be a good match for this model dahlquist?

And while were on this subject... Are the dahlquists even worth using.. or are they too old for modern systems?

As I have stated on several other posts the Elite line is far superior to the Yamaha line. Yamaha has a thin, hollow sound when compared to Elite or Marantz. Yamaha is more interested in their gimmicky dsp modes and using that as a marketing tool to newer audio buyers than producing good sounding amps like they did 20 years ago. They have really let us old Yamaha fans down in the multichannel era. Elite with Dalquist would be a very good combo.

Your speakers will be the weak link in your system. I prefer the Elite's, but I doubt there will be any audible difference if you buy a Yamaha--as long as it is sufficiently powered to drive your speakers. That said, I think the Elite's look much better, usually have better remotes, have better build quality, and definitely have better power supplies than their corresponding Yamaha's. Yamaha's have a lot of sound alterring effects. The Elite's have plenty for me, but if you want an almost endless supply of that stuff--go for the Yamaha.

Why do you say the dahlquist will be my weak point in my setup? Any other suggestions? With refurbing these ill have about 300 in them total.. (Upgrading and redoing the woofers from age)

Also Im going to get the 45tx for sure, I found one with the warranty for under 800 shipped new. Is it worth it to go for the 55txi for roughly 200 bucks more?

Jeff Plous

Welp I went ahead and bought my 45tx. Im really excited to get it. Now Im hoping to get the DQ10 speakers. Anyone know how many ohms these speakers are? And just to make 100% will these match my reciever? PLEASE HELP. Im new and trying to learn so I dont make a big expensive mistake...

I think im talking to myself here....

Are you pleased with the 45tx? what made you opt for it as opposed to the 55txi? Just curious shopping myself

Jeff Plous
Bought the 45tx bc of how much cheaper I could get it for compared to the 55txi.. Thats pretty much the only reason. I havent gotten it yet but Ill let you know when I do :)

RC Thomas
The DQ-10 are vary power hungry and to perform well they will need an amp that can provide lots of current. They can dip down below 4 ohms. They also need space 3 or 4 feet from any wall. If you have the space and can get the power then upgread them if not the $$'s could work better on somthing else.
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